The digest of news from the world of mobile development for the last week No. 29 (October 14–20, 2013)

    Perhaps the main event in the mobile development market this week was the acquisition of the Finnish studio Supercell by the Japanese media corporation SoftBank. Two games, two years on the market - and a market valuation of $ 3 billion. Evidence of the phenomenal growth and prospects of the entire industry!

    The best

    RevealApp - Firebug for iOS applications

    RevealApp is a MacOS application. It shows the hierarchy of the UI components of the application in an understandable and powerful 3D representation and allows you to change the UI on the fly. The idea is similar to Firebug or Web Inspector for sites.

    BlackBerry: you can continue to count on us

    So what should this once-dominant player in the smartphone market do in light of these vague and depressing forecasts? What can a company do to support dedicated BlackBerry fans watching their friends and colleagues move to other platforms?

    GungHo and SoftBank buy 51% of Supercell shares for $ 1.5 billion

    Partners will pay Finnish developers Clash of Clans and Hay Day $ 1.5 billion, which means that the company’s value has quadrupled over the past seven months (in April the company received an investment of $ 130 million with a total valuation of 770 million).

    App Mention Alerts tracks application mentions in media

    A new service called App Mention Alerts is launching its own alternative to Google Alerts, which offers a notification and tracking panel designed specifically for mobile application developers.






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