Automatically download music to Google Music

    In comments on posts about launching Google Music in Russia, I saw several times the comments “eh, it’s a pity that you can’t make sure that the added music is downloaded immediately ... you need to make two more clicks ...”.

    I found * a very useful, in my opinion, feature of Google Music that I want to share.
    Namely, you can automatically download recently added music **. This is done simply - in the “playlists” section, you need to ask “Save recently” to the “Save on device” auto-selection, after which the music previously added to the music library starts to load. When you add another album, it is also downloaded to the device (downloading starts in 30 seconds).

    If I understand correctly, the feature works when “full access” is turned on, and when buying albums separately, andwhen uploading your music to the "cloud". However, for my taste, this feature is most useful precisely when using “full access”, when you can add music to the music library so quickly and you want to save two more clicks on caching.

    Personally, I often add for review several albums at once, so I don’t exclude that a new product called “I’m lucky” (it works offline!) Will also be very useful.

    * - It only worked for me from updating to version 5.2.1233L of October 17, and earlier, when I tried to save the "Recently Added" playlist, an error was issued. In the comments they write that someone worked before.
    ** - I don’t know exactly how much music is considered to be added “recently”, but in my list there are more than 30 albums added since the launch of the service. It seems to me that 30+ is more than enough if you assume that the "favorite" is added offline offline by force.

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