UA Web Challenge V


    In October-November, the jubilee, fifth all-Ukrainian championship for web professionals is held.

    Only 3 days are left until the end of registration, and therefore (and not only) I decided to write about our event to the hub I would like as many people as possible to learn about the championship (if you still don’t know) and be able to participate, but not everyone regularly visits events.

    The championship has already been two and a half years old, and a year and a half has passed since the last note on the hub During this time, much has changed. The championship grew out of tight pants, this time it will be held on seven floors of the new Terrasoft office in Kiev:


    And this is 6,000 sq. M. meters of space. The building will receive more than 300 people (100 finalists and 200 forum participants, as well as partners, volunteers, organizers, etc.).

    We managed to attract interesting partners to this championship, for example, another general partner, Wargaming (known as the creator of the game World Of Tanks): the


    Organizing Committee took up the preparation of this championship in more than six months, a lot of work was done to improve all the indicators: partners, platform , the mechanics of the championship, the site and much more (just not to list, I'm sure).

    Because anniversary championship, the final program includes a forum (many participants of past championships asked whether it was possible to come, see the atmosphere, chat with colleagues, etc.), as well as a series of training workshops (for participants of our championships - free of charge) from invited experts .

    We try to maximize help the professional development of our participants and just interested in pumping themselves, their skills. Workshops will continue after the championship.

    One of the main goals of the championship is to help the best specialists and leading IT companies find each other.

    In the first day after the opening of registration for the championship, more than 500 participants registered. Good dynamics are also observed in comparison with each new championship: competition is getting tougher (half the score is shared in the nominations for the finals and the victory), the quality of work is improving, and the number of registrations and participating in the qualifying round is growing.

    I would like to test the strength of Habra, sure there's a lot of CA, and if you habrayuzer not CA, is transmitted to all web developers, that without them the championship could not start :)

    PS Anticipating questions habrovchan:

    Tasks with championship finals last
    report from one from past championships
    Event on

    PS2 And for dessert, you can play the games created by our participants in the championships:

    Snake - once , two
    Space Invaders - canvas , DOM

    Also popular now: