Audi PB18 e-tron

    We are still waiting for the presentation of the serial version of e-tron - the next generation electric car from Audi. It is still not there, but now you can already see the future as it is seen by this German manufacturer.

    Audi introduced a new electric supercar, on the technology of solid-state batteries with a peak power of 570 kW and the ability to use fast 800 volt charging.

    Audi PB18 e-tron - under this name, Audi showed its “radical view of the high-performance sports cars of the future.” This car was built thanks to many years of experience in racing Le Mans and is designed for and around the driver. This means that the car has no autonomous driving systems, or complex assistants to the pilot. But there is a “by-wire” steering (by wires, that is, without mechanical connection to the wheels) and an electric drive that allows you to change the position of a monocoque, which can be either from the edge or in the center of the cabin.

    Gael Buzyn - head of the design department in Malibu, where the car was designed, gave his comments:

    “We want to give the driver an opportunity to feel himself in a sports car, such as the Audi R18, so we designed the interior with the central location of the pilot. But at the same time, our goal was also to create a car suitable for daily use, with the potential possibility of placing a passenger in the cabin. ”

    Interior Transformation:

    Technical characteristics of the prototype:

    • Solid-state batteries 95 kWh
    • Mileage between charges of 500 km ( WLTP )
    • 800 Volt Charging (Porsche Solution)
    • 3 motor. 1 on the front axle and 2 on the rear. Four-wheel drive
    • Power 150 kW on the front axle and 350 kW on the rear, i.e. total power 500 kW, but there is the possibility of a short-term increase to 570 kW
    • Total torque 830 N * m
    • Acceleration to 100 km / h in about 2 seconds

    Audi says that the usual e-tron quattro will also have a similar “boost” mode (short-term power increase).

    Some of the technologies of this concept will be used in the production model, which is likely to have a slightly different design from this prototype.

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