Steam Controller Video Demo

    The video from Valve shows the gameplay in Portal 2 , Civilization V , Counter-Strike: GO and Papers, Please using the prototype of the new controller, which will be sent to beta testers this year.

    In the demonstration of Portal 2 , the so-called legacy-mode was used, in which the controller emulates a keyboard and mouse. In this mode, the right trackpad is used to rotate the camera on a one-to-one scale of movement like a mouse: the farther and faster you move your finger, the faster the camera rotates, but if you stop, the camera will also freeze in place. At the same time, the left trackpad works like a joystick: the trackpad circle is divided into four sectors that emulate pressing the WASD buttons.

    In Civilization V , arrows were assigned to the left trackpad so that you can move the camera, and the mouse to the right. The bottom buttons of the controller were used to zoom in and out. Again, the game was not modified to support the controller, everything works out of the box.

    For CS: GO , apparently, the Portal 2 scheme was used , delays during aiming are visible, but in general it is very worthy. We must not forget that this is a prototype.

    Finally, the game was shown in Papers, Please , where two trackpads were used to move the cursor at once. In this high-precision mode, the signals from the two trackpads are mixed, which allows you to move the cursor faster and over longer distances.

    On the Steam Universe page, you can vote for the games that will be shown in the following demos.

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