Semantic UI - Almost an Alternative to Bootstrap

    I came across one interesting thing today.
    Semantic UI is a framework for creating portable interfaces that will help reuse UI elements in your projects. Such an alternative to Bootstrap.
    A small example - if you want to add something like a button to your project,

    just use the following elements:
    semantic add button
    semantic add icon

    then add to html:

    It turns out pretty pretty. Everything is well organized on the official site, there are short guides. One problem is the pre-release. Therefore, you can’t download anything offsite. To do this, go to the github . Already possible.
    But right on the site there is a collection of basic interface elements - from buttons to simple registration forms.
    Semantic UI is just beginning to develop, the author on the github even offers everyone to take part in work on Semantic. Contact by email

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