Reputation, work and emigration: how to use company promotion tools to solve personal problems

    Blogging, content creation, working with the media is what more and more companies are doing. But in fact, such promotion tools can be used not only by business to attract customers, but also by ordinary people for professional development.

    Today we will talk about how this tool can be useful and how to use it in order to get maximum results: from a new job to being able to move to the USA.

    Task # 1: building reputation

    One of the most obvious tasks. The opinion of colleagues in the profession is often very valuable, helps to solve complex problems, find new niches for application of effort. And unlike various conferences where finding interesting people is not always easy, the Internet has become an excellent platform for such communication.

    There are thematic resources and forums where representatives of different professions gather, discuss their subject area and each other’s projects, and share the results of their work.

    Task # 2: Career Development

    Activity on such sites not only helps to solve immediate work tasks, but is also useful from the point of view of career development in general. Today, a promoted blog on a professional topic or activity on specialized resources is almost always a plus in the eyes of a recruiter.

    There are even programs that automatically search for such traces of activity of a potential applicant on different specialized sites and combine them into a common profile. Here is an example of such a service. As a result, when hiring a conditional programmer, the recruiter sees his articles on Habré, commits on GitHub, messages on the forums of Open Source-projects - and immediately understands whether a person is familiar with the necessary technologies, or is interested in the target area.

    Accordingly, the more traces of such activity the robot finds, the more likely it is to get a profitable job offer in the future.

    Task # 3: professional emigration

    Many experts would like to move to work abroad: there are more opportunities for professional development. Often, in order to obtain work visas from attractive countries, it is necessary to confirm their high qualifications.

    For example, among the requirements for an applicant for the recently popular O1 American visa is the availability of materials in the press. Moreover, both articles published by the applicant himself and, for example, materials mentioning a person and his projects are important.

    That is why many of those who plan to get such a visa, hire PR consultants. This is a very common practice, for example, among entrepreneurs preparing for relocation. In this case, this approach works great for those who are going to work for hire.

    I know what I'm talking about: I myself have had publications in various media and professional communities helped to strengthen my petition for an O1 visa, as a result I have been living in the USA for more than two years.

    It looked like a list of folders with publications for various blogs and media, which I gathered together with a lawyer in the process of preparing for a visa application.

    Later I helped a number of colleagues with creating content when they were preparing for the move and as a result it was successfully implemented.

    How to use content marketing for personal use: 4 tips

    Understanding which tasks can be solved with the help of content marketing is not difficult, it is much more difficult to understand exactly how to do it. Below are four practical tips that will help you achieve good results.

    Do not be afraid to talk about your work.

    One of the main reasons why professionals in their field do not share their knowledge and experience is the constraint and fear of running into negative things. It often seems to them that someone “has already written on this topic,” and the content itself is not perfect.

    It is not right. “A book that is not written in an ideal way is better than a book that has not been written at all”: unnecessary perfectionism often becomes a brake on the path of career and human development.

    If you have an idea for a material, it’s worth it. Any publication creates opportunities - to get feedback from colleagues, to attract the attention of representatives of large companies, even to move to work in the country of dreams. And when there is no publication, no one will express criticism, but additional opportunities will not appear.

    Write comments

    With no experience creating regular content, writing detailed articles may not be easy. Therefore, it makes sense to start a professional online activity with the publication of comments.

    Saw an interesting article on your topic, understand that you can add it - write a comment. Do this whenever you encounter content from your subject area. Update articles, ask questions, participate in discussions. The authors of the materials and their readers will be grateful for the additions, and you will practice writing “professional” texts, even if they are small.

    The next step is to offer your comments to the profile media. Today there are tools like the Pressfeed system or Deadline Media.where editors and journalists post comment requests on various topics. It is quite possible that you will find requests for comments on “your” topics.

    List of journalists' requests from the site Pressfeed

    Thanks to constant training, writing a few paragraphs will not take long, and as a result you can get mentions of your name in the major online media.

    Suck up English

    Far from each job requires knowledge of English, but if we talk about professions from the Internet, it is almost a mandatory requirement. Therefore, it is worth spending time working on your knowledge in this direction.

    For example, when I worked on obtaining an O1 visa, I also collected my own English-language articles. Below is a screenshot of my research for The Next Web. The presence of such publications, according to the lawyer, increases the chances of a successful consideration of the visa application.

    Research on The Next Web

    Publishing content in English is a great way to improve your skills. Today there are a large number of inexpensive or even free tools that help improve written English: from translators and applications to memorize new words like Memriseto specialized assistants, such as Textly , who not only look for missing commas and incorrectly written phrases, but also give tips on improving the style.

    As a result, you will kill two birds with one stone: pull up the language and get publications in English in your portfolio (this can be important both for employers and for obtaining work visas).


    If you re-read the tips above, it will become clear that a lot of time and effort must be spent on personal promotion using content. Writing comments and articles, publishing them, translating content into English and thinking about where to place it is all not so simple, and certainly not very fast.

    Therefore, it is worth learning to delegate these tasks. Today there are consultants and entire agencies that can take on the job of bringing content to mind based on theses from the author and publishing it in various formats: from columns to interviews in specialized media.

    If you find such an artist, you will significantly save time spent on content marketing. As a result, all the advantages of this method can be achieved almost in the background. This is very useful, especially if you are planning major professional changes over the next couple of years.

    What is the result

    Experience suggests that content marketing is not only important as a tool for companies. He is very effective in solving personal problems.

    In today's information world, blogging, writing articles and commentaries in different languages ​​is not an attempt to entertain pride, but a real way to build a reputation, take the next step in your career, or even move to another country.

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