Speeding up the SMS / MMS application on Iphone

    All the happy owners of this device and actively (or not so) reading and writing sms, sooner or later, face the fact that when opening the SMS application itself, it takes a long time to load. However, perhaps not many people know that this can be fixed!;)
    True, unfortunately, such an opportunity is only available on jailbroken phones.
    In short, the bottom line is this: the SMS database in the iPhone is stored as a regular sqlite database. Therefore, you just need to take the database file and clean the database using vacuum. Since there are no utilities for working with sqlite databases on the iPhone itself, you need to download the file to your computer and use any program to work with sqlite to perform vacuum.

    For reference: The VACUUM command cleans the database by copying the contents to a temporary database file and then reloading the data into the database. This procedure eliminates blank pages, arranges data sequentially, and also cleans the database file structure.

    Under * nix / MacOS, the simplest algorithm is as follows:
    0) Run ssh on the phone if it is not running at all.
    1) We go to the phone via ssh under the root.
    2) We go to / var / mobile / Library / SMS: #cd / var / mobile / Library / SMS.
    3) Just in case, we backup the file: cp sms.db sms.db.old.
    4) We copy this file to our computer using scp: #scp sms.db your_login @ IP_comp: ~ /.
    5) Repair the sms database on your computer:> sqlite3 ~ / sms.db vacuum
    6) Fill it back: scp Your_login @ IP_comp: ~ / sms.db ./

    Voila! :)

    For example:
    On my iPhone (2g) with the number of SMS = 4300, the download time before this procedure was ~ 12 seconds, after cleaning it was reduced to ~ 4 seconds.

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