Egocentric web

    Imagine the Internet, in which absolutely everything revolves around one specific person. And this person is you.

    Today we go to a dozen or two sites, log into them with logins with a password or accounts on social networks. These sites force us to accept user agreements that say "everything you have done here belongs to us, and you either agree with this or roll out of here." These sites are trying to take hold of us and the results of our work, our lives.

    These sites one day say: “We are hard on your influx, we no longer allow third-party programs to use our API. Use our only correct program for access from your mobile phone (of course, with annoying advertising and your own vision of the term “convenience”). ”

    Let's imagine what the Internet can become if we turn everything upside down.

    Personal Accounts

    The office is called personal, private not just like that, but because it belongs to you personally. Do you need a lot of these rooms? Is it possible to sit on two chairs with one typical size ass? Personally, I need exactly one personal account. My. Private.

    I want to look at the world from my desk, which I myself, as always happens with personal things, made it convenient for me personally.

    One single login, one single password to one of my only personal space, access to which I have only. Mail, sms, fresh press - all this should be delivered to my doorstep. I do not have to run through dozens of different places, daily collecting crumbs of information and entertainment.

    Any, even the most confidential information about you can be stored in your personal account. In case you forget something. Or, for example, a complete medical history that you (read-only) have access to, your doctor and emergency services.
    And after all, technologies for all this already exist, and for years!

    Online stores

    Now you do not come to online stores, but they, with your permission, are subscribed to you (yes, just like on a social network) and when you want to buy a new computer without leaving your personal space, you create a request “I need a computer on fresh hardware in order to work (a lot, a lot of memory and smart percent) and play (the powerful generation of the latest generation). ” And all the stores subscribed to you send you their offers. You just have to choose, pay and wait for the courier.

    Or another example: you have provided access to your clothing store to a clothing store. Now, even ordering clothes “from a photograph” through the Web, you can be sure that you simply will not even be offered something that does not suit you personally. But this can go even further - today there are opportunities, based on knowledge about you, to automatically create a stylish and fashionable wardrobe for you for the coming season.

    I can give hundreds, if not thousands, of such examples.

    News sites and content projects

    News yourself automatically comes to you at the time of its publication due to the fact that you once subscribed to your favorite online media. Moreover, they do it as simple, understandable and convenient as email and SMS do. Right there, in the inbox of your personal account. Fresh articles by columnists and bloggers get there in the same way.

    Automatic and manually adjustable filters analyze the entire flow of incoming information from blogs, media and social networks, they filter the information themselves, in accordance with your personal preferences, which no one knows about.

    Spam is cut off even on the fly, due to the fact that your personal account (and probably not even an “account” but a “helper”) knows about you much more than any third-party service: all your recipients and friends, all your favorite sites and etc.

    Moreover, blogs and other content projects get a completely legitimate and amazing opportunity to offer you their materials, either for money or for watching ads. And you, and not they, choose exactly how you agree to pay the work of the creators of what you are interested in.

    Social networks

    Finally, social networks are being transformed into one truly Social, truly Network. This will be a really existing network of “personal accounts”, the connections between which will not be virtually stored on servers belonging to any particular company, which can do whatever it pleases with this “graph”.
    On the contrary, connections will become absolutely real and distributed throughout the Web. They will begin to exist practically in the physical sense. Stores are subscribed to your inquiries, you are subscribed to blogs and offices of your friends and acquaintances. You are a member of several groups and read a dozen or two publics with funny pictures.

    And, most importantly: you and only you dispose of those who give access to your personal information.

    Imagine: “these pictures should never be shown to parents”; “This note is important to me, let everyone see it, and even with a special note”, “only my friends should know that I like this movie” and so on. All information, from photos, to scientific articles, created by you belongs to you and only to you.

    You can even run your own paid-subscription blogs and share your invaluable and unique experience in them if you want to.

    And all this - without leaving the comfort and functionality of his personal space, his timeline, his office.

    Applications and Services

    Now the applications are installed not in the account in any of your social networks, but directly in your personal account. In fact, this is the most important and basic way to expand it.

    Downloader for YouTube videos and photos on Instagram, a tweeter client (although who will need it already?), Flowers-Against Zombies-Part-Next and other games, both solo and network. All this is personally controlled by you and these services receive permission to work with your data, and not you dutifully follow the requirements of the services.

    Search engines

    The dream of all search engines will come true: to know you personally is so good as to provide search results that are ideal for you. Search engines will be able (with your permission, of course) to study your preferences, and only you can decide what to show and what not.

    Yes, the seoshniks are unlikely to be happy, as the very concept of “get into the top of the search” will disappear. You can only "go to the top of the search for you specifically for your language specifically formulated request."


    Very similar to Utopia I agree. But for some reason it seems to me that it’s enough for people to be for grass. It's time for grass to begin to be for people. A person, a person, his preferences and connections - without which there would be no Network, no social networks, or online stores.

    Once again. It is completely real. Almost all the necessary technology is already there. Interestingly, technologies recently buried by the Internet community are very suitable for implementing such a version of the Web. Try to guess which ones to warm up.

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