Features of the i1 Display Pro Calibrator

    For those who process photo and video materials, the task of calibrating the monitor for the correct display of color is not the last place. It is difficult to hope for good image processing if the brightness and colors that the monitor shows are not up to standard (most often the D65 standard).

    The choice of calibrators seems to be there, but in fact, the tone is set by XRite.
    With the release of the i1 Display Pro model, life seems to be getting better :-)
    It’s relatively small, the result is normal .

    But lately, on not-so-high-quality monitors (especially on laptop screens), I began to get strange profiles.
    After calibration, the screen turned out to be noticeably yellower than necessary according to D65.
    The other day, I received a 13 "model of a Vaio S laptop with a top configuration for calibration. The
    top one is on the inside, but its screen is quite average. Not bad, but average. I
    calibrate this machine and get a clearly too yellow screen. And yet the curves:

    I take the good old one i1 Pro (only 4 times more expensive than i1 Display Pro) and I get

    Not so "extreme" curves and ... a much more correct screen color.
    That's such a surprise.
    And on good monitors for graphics like NEC PA, I don’t have such an effect I received.
    it turns out, that the worse the monitor, the better to be the sensor etc. I calibration.

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