Three smart Rubik's Cube: Xiaomi, Roobo and GoCube

    The Rubik's Cube is no longer just a legendary puzzle toy, but rather a synonym for something complex to think about.

    Since the 70s of the last century, the creators of the cubes traditionally walked by the constant complication of "toys", adding extra cells, changing and improving the shape. But now everything has changed, and the cubes began to simplify.

    This is how the “educational” category of smart cubes appeared, and then the educational and entertaining category. True, there are not so many of them.

    Roobo Cube-Tastic

    A fairly simple model that works as if paired with a smartphone.

    Done pretty decent, pleasant to the touch, but the main value is that a compatible application helps to build an assembly algorithm from any existing combination.

    There is no special magic: everything works through the camera of the smartphone. We direct in a certain order on the sides of the cube, after which the application is working on the algorithm.

    There is no other "stuffing" or electronics, but at the same time the cost is quite acceptable for yourself. This model costs 990 rubles .

    Xiaomi Giiker

    Perhaps no one is surprised that the Rubik's Cube will also be sold under the Xiaomi brand. The truth is this model is more expensive.but made slightly different.

    The gadget is also paired with the application, but now it is the gadget! The model is equipped with motion sensors that monitor the assembly and Bluetooth for pairing with software.

    A cube is capable of many things: in addition to the usual “auto-assembly”, it helps to “confuse” the cube, includes a timer, as well as several games, according to the plot of which a cube is offered to perform various tasks. For example, one of them is “Puzzles”, where you need not to collect the whole side in one color, but copy the pattern!

    Toy with Kickstarter

    Something similar began to do and Kickstarter . The project dedicated to the smart cube gathered about 900 thousand with the necessary 25, so that in March 2019 it would start with kickbacks.

    Like the Xiaomi Giiker, the GoCube model is electronic, equipped with a number of sensors for connecting with a smart device and optimizing the assembly process. In addition to the assembly also offered games. Some of them allow you to use the cube as a remote controller!

    Also, the owners of the cubes can organize something like a small tournament, playing for a while on the network.

    Cost promise around 119 dollars.

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