We will help bedbags or give an idea ...

    There are resources on the network that are very useful, but either not bringing profit to the owner, or simply not interesting to the owner, or the owner is in no hurry to take care of them, or the state office.

    Here, for example, multitran lay down today and for almost two hours, as I observe

    Server Error
    502 - An invalid response was received by the web server as a gateway or proxy server.
    The problem with the requested page; page cannot be displayed. The web server, acting as a gateway or proxy server, received an invalid response from it when it contacted the upstream content server.

    But, I'm not talking about a periodically resting multitran, this is just an example, there are a lot of such beds. But what if we make a project that makes the cache of resources-bedding in the rare days of their well-being and then allows to use the cache? I give an idea, if anyone is interested ...

    Or maybe just establish a comic prize "Lezhebok of the year"?

    Unfortunately, archive.org has not yet indexed it. Googling the “foo site: multitran.ru” view helps, but you can’t follow the links anymore.

    Z.Y. Friends, if you are minus the article, please write in the comments what exactly you do not agree with.

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