Easier than it seems. Chapter 12

    “Easier than it seems” is a business novel about what programmers are still capable of.

    The meeting room was empty and very fresh - the window was wide open, and the cold air of a winter morning walked freely around the room. Sergey came fifteen minutes before the appointed time - he was afraid to look impolite, or too self-confident. Still, the first big meeting as a project manager.

    Five minutes later began to catch up the rest of the participants. The first to come was Samokhvalov, the warehouse manager. Sergey got up, said hello, but the trouble was that I could not remember the name of this serious uncle. It seems that he is a former military man - either someone told, or his bearing and posture spoke for themselves.

    Do not know the name - ugly, Sergei thought. You see, you won’t ask any questions, and you can get into a stupid situation. I found the exit myself - a caring office manager left the meeting minutes on the table, it always lists the participants. Sergei casually, as if in between times, took a piece of paper from the table, ran his eyes - oh, here he is, Nikolai Ivanovich. Protocol Sergei, just in case, left himself.

    - How are you, Nikolai Ivanovich? - with a little feigned cheerfulness asked Sergey.

    - your prayers. - not smiling, replied Samokhvalov. - Do not know why we are going?

    - The project of the warehouse to discuss. - answered Sergey. - It seems to gather opinions about the reasons for discrepancies.

    - Opinions to collect ... - Samokhvalov twisted face. - And so everything is clear, why waste time. I will say this to you, Sergey: there must be order, then there will be order.

    - Funny pun. - Sergey smiled.

    - What is funny? - Samohvalov frowned?

    - Yes, so ... - Sergey was embarrassed. - Now, everyone will gather, let's see who says anything.

    Joker, damn it, thought Sergey. You’ll get to the bottom now, then you’ll not get rid of the century — who knows, these military men To tear off the attention of the interlocutor, he reached for one of the bottles of water, carefully left by the office manager on the big table.

    - I haven’t been noticed in drinking, but in the morning I drank cold water greedily. - not smiling, said Samokhvalov, still looking intently at Sergey.

    - Aha ... - Sergey began to mess with the bottle. - No, why ... Yes, so I, it's hot here.

    Brought a hard, Sergei thought. It was necessary to come to the minute, why did you stop it in advance? Next time you need to take into account.

    Rescued Sergei Petrov, at high speed who entered the negotiation. She circled the table and sat down at the head of the place of honor.

    - Good afternoon, colleagues! - With a decent office smile, said CFO.

    - Have a nice one you too. - responded Samokhvalov. - You are like Valentina Vladimirovna.

    - I'm here the curator of the project, Nikolai Ivanovich. Did not read the charter of the project? Even before the New Year sent.

    - I read, of course. - looking down, replied Samokhvalov.

    Yeah, and you can shut it up! - thought Sergey, and for the first time in his life he mentally thanked Petrov.

    Within minutes, as if on cue, the meeting room was filled with people. Slowly Nikiforova, the chief accountant, came in and took her place in the opposite corner from Petrova. Women are women - thought Sergey. They do not like each other, and the career question does not give rest - Petrov does not hide his desire to subordinate accounting to himself. It seems that no special obstacles for such mergers and acquisitions are visible - not to say that they do much different work. Simply, the coordinate system is different, but the essence is the same - the numbers. In the split mode, they only interfere with each other - Sergey knew this for sure, due to specific cross-tasks arising now in the finance department, now in the accounting department.

    Following was Chernov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich, production manager. Sergey was well acquainted with this character - his career in Cuba began with the automation of production. Chernov seemed to Sergey a cheerful, simple-minded and open person. Although, who knows - life will show.

    - Well, raking the Augean stables? Asked Chernov loudly and with a smile, without addressing anyone specifically. - Serge, why so gloomy? Did you work on vacation too?

    - No, it did not work. - Sergey answered dryly, still under the oppressive impression of communication with Samokhvalov. - Everything is fine, Dmitry Alexandrovich.

    - Well, nice. - Chernov flopped on a chair next to Sergey.

    Dasha Frolova, an accountant from a warehouse, entered the meeting room. Gently said hello, and sat down next to the chief accountant. Sergey did not know Dasha very much - somehow they didn’t encounter much in work, because Dasha didn’t set tasks, coped with her section without any complaints, and in general was a fairly quiet and modest girl. I did not participate in squabbles, did not write angry letters, did not complain about failures in the program.

    - So, something Evgeny Viktorovich is delayed. - muttered Petrova, looking at the clock. - I'll go for it.

    I did not have time to rise from my chair when Kurchatov flew into the room in a whirlwind. He was about to slam the door behind him, but Voronin managed to slip through it.

    - So, friends! - not sitting down, began Kurchatov. - Solemnly announcing the first project meeting open!

    He paused and, smiling, looked around at all those present. He stopped his eyes a little on Sergey, winked and continued.

    - So, raise your hand, who does not know why we have gathered? - Kurchatov asked cheerfully.

    - Fine, then we will not waste time. - after a minute pause, the owner continued again. - Today we are forming a problem field. We need high-quality, honest brainstorming. I must say: the purpose of the meeting is not to look for the guilty! And in general, the goal of the whole project is not to punish, but to restore order. This is our common task, we are all interested in this. Do you agree?

    Chernov nodded with a smile, Samokhvalov did not react at all, as did the others.

    - What did they hang their nose, Nikolai Ivanovich? - Kurchatov laughed, looking at Samokhvalov. - You are the main interested person in this project! Along with me, of course.

    - Yes, I understand. - with dignity nodded Samokhvalov. - I am for it. I sit and listen carefully.

    - And do not listen, Nikolai Ivanovich. - Kurchatov suddenly became serious. How does he manage to switch emotions so quickly? Not otherwise, acting classes took place, Sergei thought. - Let's start with you. What problems do you see in stock? What are the causes of discrepancies?

    - There are no problems in the warehouse, all the work is done according to the regulations. - dry, businesslike answered Samokhvalov. - The order is brought under the record to all storekeepers. In the morning - the assignment of tasks, in the evening - the establishment of order in the territory, during the day - the execution of production and sales tasks. Everything is under my strict control, no AWOL and sloppiness.

    - Come on, Kohl. - Chernov was indignant. - No AWOL him. Are you Stasik when you press it to the nail?

    - What's again? - a little embarrassed, asked Samokhvalov.

    - Again! Yesterday he comes up, pushes under the elbow, - Chernov twisted his physiognomy, apparently portraying that very Stasik. - Dmitry Alexandrovich, here came the scarce bushings, I set aside five pieces for you, pick up soon, until you find it.

    “Eh, simplicity is worse than stealing ...” Samokhvalov sighed. - I'll talk to him seriously, I will put the question squarely.

    - What's the story? - asked Kurchatov.

    - Yes, there is such a storekeeper, Mezentsev Stas. - reluctantly began to tell Samokhvalov. - got into the details of hiding, if any scarce come. Carry off in a corner, and runs to the production of a report, they say, here, take away, while the sellers have not flown.

    - And where does the sellers? - frowned Kurchatov.

    - So the details are scarce, they are needed for production, and managers sell them as spare parts. - Replied instead of Samokhvalov Chernov. - The eternal dilemma: to sell spare parts, get quick money, or collect equipment and sell more expensive.

    - And what, the question of the distribution of scarce parts is managed by a certain Stasik? - unkindly raised eyebrows Kurchatov.

    - No, of course. - embarrassed Samokhvalov. - I'll talk to him. Once again, we note - and dismiss. He is a good guy, the best he wants. But it turns out, as always.

    - I never take it in a stash. - tried to defuse the situation Chernov. - Always on his head, and back to the warehouse all drag. But to talk with him for sure. I really did, and I tried it. His fiction would be good and good ...

    “Well, well-intentioned ...” Kurchatov sighed. After a pause for a few seconds, he continued. - Well, the further, the more interesting. Sergey, or Valentina - who, by the way, keeps the protocol?

    - Let me be led. - responded Petrova. - What to write?

    - Here it is and write about Stasik. - answered Kurchatov. - We are going to look for the causes of problems, this is one of them. We need measures, systematic, clear, to neutralize this and similar situations. Well, you need to talk to him. My participation is required?

    - No, we can handle it. - confidently answered Samokhvalov.

    - Nikolai Ivanovich, do not need empty promises and bluster! - Kurchatov suddenly lost his temper. - How many more such situations are there that neither I, nor the accounting department, nor Sergey know about? We live, we work, and here it turns out (Kurchatov placed special emphasis on this word). Then something else turns out, it turns out to be somewhere behind it again, and it turns out again ...
    After a short silence, he added: at this rate we will all be with you. Just not where they planned to be. No, my friends, this will not work. I am not going to lose business because of Stasikov, Zhorikov, Lenochk and Tanechek (here Sergey shuddered a bit). Why do I emphasize my money, my money, how they want it? And you, the leaders - those who should cover my back on different fronts - indulge, babysit with them, protect them, hide from me?

    - Yes, do not hide, Evgeny Viktorovich. - began reddened Samokhvalov. - Recently it opened, immediately had a conversation with him, in a tough form. Firing him is easier, probably, than ...

    - Well, dismiss! You have been given all the powers, and the goal is clearly set - order! - Kurchatov raised his voice more and more. - And I have the authority, do not forget! But I am alone and I cannot keep track of all the workers! So I hired you, the leaders, and shared with you the authority and responsibility! Responsibility, Nikolai Ivanovich! You understand what this word means?

    - Yes of course. Mezentsev today will receive the last Chinese warning. - reported Samokhvalov. - Another case, and fly.

    - In a week report to me how the situation will develop. - entered Voronin. - I take this case under personal control.

    - So what else? - continued Kurchatov and looked around all those present. - Who else has a story to tell?

    Silence and downcast eyes clearly said that there was nothing more to tell. And if there is, then no one is going to tell. Even a smile disappeared from Chernov’s face — he opened his notebook, began to study the last pages of his notes thoughtfully. He probably regrets that he raised the topic - thought Sergey. Now it does not look very nice in the eyes of colleagues - it is going through, probably. Only Petrova looked at her colleagues with a clear look — either very bold, or decided to seize the moment, standing from the side of the barricades of the angry bosses.

    - Do you have accounting questions for accounting? - Petrova asked, referring to all, except, in fact, accounting.

    Samokhvalov did not respond to the question, only Chernov shook his head.

    - It is strange that there are no questions ... - Petrova turned her eyes to the chief accountant. - Valeria Viktorovna, a simple question - do you correct the backdating of documents?

    - No, the period closing procedure is carried out rigorously. - with an ironic smile cast Nikiforova.

    - Backdating? What is it like? - surprised Kurchatov.

    - This is when today is corrected, for example, the parish, which was a week ago. - began to tell Petrova busily. - This is a fairly common practice among accountants.

    - No more common than among economists. - with the same smile answered Nikiforova.

    - Do not tell, - Petrova smiled in reply. - Economists and financiers work mainly with the cashier and the bank, if we talk about primary documents. Such documents are made clearly, day to day, no further adjustments are allowed.

    - We are also not allowed. - answered Nikiforova. - I myself periodically shift the border of the ban, and no one else can correct anything.

    - How often do you shift? - Petrov did not let up.

    - Once a month. - already without a smile answered Nikiforova. - As it should be according to the regulations.

    - Once a month? - Petra was amazed. It was obvious that the interrogation proceeded according to a previously prepared scenario, and the response of the chief accountant was planned in advance, as was the subsequent replica of Petrova herself. - Do you think this is normal?

    - Yes, these are the accounting rules. - firmly answered Nikiforova.

    - Do not tell me. - smiled Petrova. - We had a different system at the previous work, the western one. So there the warehouse documents — shipments, receipts, transfers — became unavailable the next day, and any changes were made only through a lengthy approval procedure.

    - Suggest changes to the regulations, we will consider. - dryly answered the chief accountant.

    - Oh, you consider ... - continued to ironic Petrova. - You know, Valeria Viktorovna ...

    - So, ladies, stop. - raised the palm of Kurchatov. - Break. I know that you have accumulated a lot of complaints to each other, but I ask ... No, I insist - let's not interfere with everything in one pile. Our project is not to dig up old grievances and to arrange petty revenge. There is a question - well, we will put it in the protocol, Sergey will think about the decision. Sergey, by the way, why are you silent? Do you have any questions?

    - No, not yet. - Sergey almost jumped in surprise. - I want to listen to my colleagues so that I can calmly think over all the questions and make decisions.

    - Similarly, no questions? - smiled Kurchatov.

    - No, definitely not. - Sergey wanted to divert attention from himself as soon as possible. The role of the project manager was unusual, and he did not prepare any questions. Programming habits said - you have to listen to everyone, run away into your hole, and think there calmly.

    - Well, well, since the project manager has no questions, I propose to finish this. - said Kurchatov disappointedly. - I, frankly, the next meeting should already begin, it's time to run. But you, colleagues, if you want, you can continue without me.

    “I can't either, I'm going to meet you.” - bustled Voronin.

    - Yes, I have to go to the tax. - Nikiforova started raking up pieces of paper from the table, and rose a little on the chair.

    - Well, okay. - smiled Kurchatov. “Okay, this is not the last meeting.” Valentina, how to prepare the protocol - I must have a copy. Good?

    - Yes, of course, Evgeny Viktorovich. - businesslike smile, got up from the table Petrova.

    Everyone, following Kurchatov, quickly retired from the meeting room. Sergei decided not to rush - you never know, someone on the road, as usual, will start to pester with questions "which he did not want to put up for general discussion."

    What did I get into? - he thought. - Why did they pour it all out, this dirt? What should I do about it? And should I do something about it? Does the project manager take part in palace intrigues? He lived quietly, did not know grief ...

    - Well, how was it? - rang behind, out the door, the voice of Stas. Sergey flinched from surprise. - What are you sitting for? Come on, tell me!

    - Yes, I'm coming. - Sergey got up and walked dejectedly after the ever-flowering colleague.

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