Oracle and Microsoft Cloud Partnership

    Today, Oracle and Microsoft announced a partnership in the field of enterprise cloud systems.
    The following are excerpts from a message from Saty Nadell, Microsoft's Server & Tools Business President and Mark Hurd, Oracle Co-Chair.

    Statement by Satya Nadella, President, Microsoft's Server & Tools Business

    As long-standing rivals, partners and industry leaders, Microsoft and Oracle have been working with corporate clients in accordance with their business and technology needs for over 20 years.


    Today we are expanding our collaboration to provide solutions for private and public cloud systems through a new strategic partnership between Microsoft and Oracle.


    As part of this partnership, Oracle certifies and will support its software deployed on the Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure platforms. This means that customers who already use the ability to run Oracle software on Windows servers will be able to work with the same software on both Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure.

    Oracle customers will also be able to use their existing licenses to run Oracle software in Windows Azure. They will be able to enjoy the support and benefits of moving licenses starting today.

    In the near future, we will add instances of Infrastructure Services with pre-configured versions of Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server for clients that do not have Oracle licenses. In addition, Oracle will enable customers to get and run Oracle Linux instances in Windows Azure.

    We will also work to add Java support to Windows Azure, which will provide new opportunities for millions of Java developers.

    Windows Azure supports and will continue to support Open Source languages ​​and development tools, and after today's news, I hope that the seriousness of our intentions in this area will be obvious.


    In our vision, Cloud OS is a single platform encompassing the private clouds of our client, service provider and Windows Azure cloud - for this we are doing everything so that client applications get full support in the cloud.


    This is a great partnership for a new cool corporate era!

    Statement by Oracle Co-Chair Mark Heard

    “The IT environments of our customers are changing rapidly, in keeping with the dynamic nature of the modern world. At Oracle, we strive to provide more choices for customers by providing several deployment options for our software, including on our own hardware, as well as public, private and hybrid clouds. Partnership with Microsoft is expanding our partnership and it is important for the benefit of our customers. „


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