How would you like to compare flagship smartphones?

    I categorically welcome everyone. While you are probably reading my gaze at the Chinese flagship OPPO Find 5 , a very curious collection of smartphones is right at my fingertips. At the same time within the square meters of my apartment was not only OPPO Find 5, but also the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. Naturally, there was a desire to arrange a mega-test with the participation of all four models. Actually, I invite interested citizens to speak out about what aspects I would like to see a comparison of smartphones.

    It is standardly planned to walk in appearance, examine the packaging and their contents. I want to measure which smartphone loads the fastest. How many “screens” must be overcome for the first launch. Capture a video with how well Real Racing 3 works on each device. Without benchmarking schedules, of course, nowhere. And so on and so forth. In general, perhaps someone will have special wishes for matching smartphones. Thank you all in advance :)

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