has a new design (in beta). Brief News and Survey

    Apparently, having rested after the release of 5.5, put a new design in beta testing. The old one looked very old-fashioned. You can switch at . Used HTML5, jQuery, jQueryUI. In addition to general beauty, I was pleased with the search, not just with auto-completion (you won’t surprise anyone already), but with a brief description of functions, methods, categories, etc. But I’ve upset the changed logo.

    PS PHP 5.3 was not removed from the download and, apparently, support - Old Stable status

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you like the innovations?

    • 13.2% Like the design, but do not like the logo 316
    • 3.7% Like the logo, but do not like the design 90
    • 60.9% Like everything 1455
    • 22% Don't like anything 525

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