A job seeks developers, not developers a job

    In the article How I was looking for work, voff wrote a wonderful phrase:

    Programmers are now in a special situation, we can choose.

    It's true. Programmers are sought everywhere, from Moscow and Kiev to Berlin and San Francisco. Another question is how can a programmer use this opportunity? Take 17 interviews, “3-4 per day,” as the author of the article did - not everyone agrees to such an extreme. Yes, and this is suitable only for those who are now without work or have already announced their departure to management. And good developers rarely sit without work.

    At Jinn, we want to do better.

    How does the genie work. Single user history

    Ivan P., lead developer. Works in a good company. Good salary and social package, good team. Everything seems to be fine, but I want something new. The project is fed up, the technologies are outdated, the management is sluggish, the product is dull, the company is not growing. And there is no clearance ahead.

    Looking for a new job? It’s not so bad to announce it to colleagues or on LinkedIn. What if there’s nothing super-interesting? Only spoil your prospects in the current place.

    Ivan sends in search of genie offers. Jinn's trick is anonymity. Ivan’s contacts will be seen only by those to whom he himself will open them.

    The result is seven sentences, of which three are interesting. Two interviews, two job offers. Ivan found a new job - an interesting project, new colleagues and friends, new opportunities and goals, a nice bonus + $ 500 to the salary.

    Minimum time and effort to find - the Djinn did his job. Ivan turns off the profile on the Djinn so that they do not write in vain.

    Why are we doing genie

    Many of yesterday's developers and job seekers today are looking for people. Like tmikwid . And if candidates complain about “spam” from recruiters, loss of time, etc., then the employer is even worse - the deadline is approaching, the vacancy is not closed, and 80% of the time is spent communicating with candidates who are not ready to change jobs or are not fit qualifications and salary expectations.

    The genie's meta task is to increase search efficiency for all participants in the process.

    For the applicant, the Djinn makes the search for offers a simple and risk-free activity, which means that a larger percentage of potential candidates will enter the market. It is valuable for the employer to see only “hot” candidates who are really ready to change jobs, which means that each candidate will receive more attention and interesting offers.

    Try it out - djinni.co . I would be happy for your feedback and comments.

    PS: So that recruiters do not confuse Java and JavaScript on the Djinn, they have karma, which is formed from the ratings of candidates. If karma falls below zero - the recruiter goes to recovery mode, for re-education.

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