The art of driving: a review of the best reports with Teamlead Conf 2018. Part 2

    How to grow an employee from scratch, how to motivate, how to find a team leader, how to build a dialogue, how to prevent the departure of the whole team? Answers - in the next selection of the best reports from our TeamLead Conf 2018 , access to a full set of videos from which we have just opened on our YouTube channel .

    By right, the conference turned out to be truly juicy, and in the air there was a whole tangle of knowledge and ideas that the speakers brought with them to convey to all the listeners.

    Below is a brief overview of the six best reports, and on this link a selection of videos of all speeches from our February conference. And don't forget to subscribe to updates!

    Employee motivation methods. Ways to grow employees from scratch

    Andrew Minkin from Mad Devs enthusiastically stated that he became a timlid simply because he wanted more pain. The main task that confronted him as a team leader was, like an experienced agronomist who brings out new plant varieties, to learn how to grow employees for his company. The entire report is essentially a story about how a programmer can be obtained from a full-fledged zero.
    So what is the purpose?
    Without money to grow a cool fighter from a man who has absolutely no experience.
    What came up?
    An internship program where employees receive knowledge for food.
    How it works?
    They recruit students, start to load them with real tasks and push them with deadlines, but at the same time they give feedback and in every possible way help to get out of depression if something goes wrong.

    At first glance, an excellent system that should work for the company and for students. But the main question is how does the intern feel? The answer can be found in the following picture.

    The intern really suffers: he is in limbo and not sure if he will be taken to the state or not, and if they take it, when. As a bonus, parents still put pressure on him, and over time this situation leads to the fact that the motivation to work disappears completely.

    Andrei is sure that the trainee’s sufferings are a headache for the tmlid, therefore, applying the method of growing new staff through an internship, you must adhere to the following rules:

    1. The internship process should be made more transparent.
    2. The trainee needs to know when this is over.
    3. Compensate for the lack of money can be all sorts of nishtyak.
    4. It is necessary to teach the intern to work in a team, ask questions.
    5. It is necessary to support all the beginnings of a young employee, answer his questions and sometimes even become for him someone more than just a mentor.
    6. Immediately learn to work well, because it will turn out badly: instill a culture of writing tests and documentation, teach responsibility.
    7. Remember that the trainee mentor is an example to follow, so you must comply.

     More details - in the video .

    Forget the word "error"

    Technical evangelist Grigori Petrov from Voximplant told about how Timlid learns how to talk to developers.

    The basic idea is that all people perceive the world differently. This idea seems banal, but, as you know, all ingenious is simple.

    For a team leader, the main thing is to understand what is in the developer’s head. For example, when a manager resorts to a developer with the words “crash”, “everything is gone”, he involuntarily attacks the developer and the latter begins to defend himself in every way.

    A developer is a special being that needs a specific approach. Therefore, when setting the task, you should not hope for telepathy and that the developer himself will guess everything. It is necessary to formulate the task of the result and pre-set the fulfillment criterion, discussing it. After the task is set, it would be good to ask the developer to tell the task in his own words.

    One experiment conducted with the Himba tribe from Namibia showed that the people of this tribe do not distinguish blue color. When members of the Himba tribe were shown a circle consisting of green squares and one blue, they could not determine which of them was blue. Therefore, leading a conversation with the developer, you should think about what tribe he is from!


    When communicating with the developer, you should:

    1. Forget the word “mistake” because it works like a red rag for a bull, and exclude words that have a negative connotation.
    2. Use unambiguous wording.
    3. Do not use humanitarian words and assessments.
    4. And all this - without fanaticism.

     Further details of the presentation can be found in the corresponding video .

    "We are leaving the whole team ..."  

    Olga Davydova (CFT Group of Companies) in her report from the position of HR tells how to be and what to do if the whole team leaves the company. Indeed, the last time in IT companies leaving the whole team is considered a common phenomenon.

    One fine sunny day, an employee comes to you and, under the hashtag, # pokapoka announces to you that he, and behind him and several other people, leave the company.

    The main focus of the report is on how to prevent such a situation, but if it has already happened, then how and with what to keep employees.

    To begin with, it is worth trying to perceive the current situation as a flash mob - the guys just do not have enough attention and need to find out all their problems and discontent with the help of exit-interview. It is also important to determine the very instigator of the exodus and understand what drives him. The expression “can not be let go” is the best fit for this situation, and only you can decide how to place commas, ascertaining the motives of the fugitives and determining the risks for yourself.

    A few tips will help to avoid such situations:

    1. You need to talk to people. It is worth making the communication part of the production cycle.
    2. Retrospectives and individual meetings are definitely bearing fruit.
    3. It is better to think in advance about the motives than to rake afterwards: it is considered that a programmer can be prompted to leave either money or boredom. It is necessary to take care of the team members in the process of work, and not when they are all already standing with suitcases in the doorway.

    Of course, this is not all. The rest is in the corresponding video .

    Looking for a team leader: long, expensive, and no guarantees!

     Alexander Ziza, representing Aletheia Business, believes that each company has its own vision of the team leader and its tasks for him. When an employee works as a programmer, he only thinks about how to make a product. When the same employee becomes the team leader, he begins to think about how to make the product harder, better, with the least effort, that is, he begins to scale knowledge. This is the essential role of the team leader in the company.

    And what are the true tasks of the Timlid?

    • to separate technology from practice;
    • build your own rules of the game, not copy others;
    • use your strengths and not fight weaknesses;
    • keep the focus on the details.

    In his report, Alexander calls first of all to hear yourself and understand what you want exactly. You can’t learn to be a team leader until you get to that role. Every good team leader needs personal management experience. When you are just embarking on the path of team leadership, it is expected that some kind of transformation (of your ideas, attitudes, behavior) should take place with you. Without transformation, there will be no further development.
    Here are some tips for tmlid:

    • Immediately choose a company in which you can grow;
    • as soon as you become a team leader, start preparing the receiver: the transfer of knowledge is a very useful thing;
    • change your working context - be with those who can share management experience;
    • learn to coaching;
    • learn to solve management problems at the blackboard, draw diagrams and involve the whole team in this process.

    Eight tmlid stratagems

    Arthur Orlov (AvtoTransInfo), who grew up at one time as a manager from a technical specialty, shared cunning methods that help team leaders in his work.

    1. Do not be greedy - teach other people. A good team leader does not have to carry everything on himself. He must learn to delegate tasks to other team members. Otherwise, the team leader becomes the very hero who is thrown alone at the embrasure. And it does not matter, in Thailand now this hero or in Mallorca.
    2. The “divide and conquer” principle no longer works. When the team is filled with narrow specialists, the task skew begins. Timlid should be involved in hiring people and, if possible, recruit the full stack of developers, and existing ones - to motivate development in close branches.
    3. When tasks are commensurate with competencies, then there are no deceived expectations.
    4. Build a culture of fearless mistakes. It is not necessary to cut the head of the programmer, if he did something wrong. We need to discuss how to correct the error and avoid similar problems in the future.
    5. Think of everything and give everyone comfortable tools for work: comfort is paramount.
    6. Development and testing is one team. You should not look for an answer to the question "who is to blame," you should think about what to do.
    7. The team is united in conversations: all problems should be discussed so that they do not develop into a huge problem that cannot be solved.
    8. If you are a team leader, so be it. Bear responsibility for the whole team.

    And remember: the ultimate goal of the Timlid is to go to nirvana and become unnecessary to your team.

    Who are the Timlides, and what is their real task?  

    Nikita Bykov from the Kodix company touched on the topic of who the team leader is.

    It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of a person for the role of a tmlid. Nikita thinks that he is preparing to prepare a timlid from the middle developer, giving him special tasks. And at that moment, when you decide to make him senior or give him the role of a team leader, you will understand for sure if he is capable of fulfilling managerial tasks.

    Timlid should be able to convey the ultimate goal to the team, as well as work with the team: explain to each team member his task and the tasks of his colleagues. After all, there is no successful team leader without a successful team and success of the product on which he worked.

    We also need to take care of team leads, so that the team does not burn at work, you need to systematize the flow of tasks that are on the team lead, maintain a unified system of priorities and task evaluation, so as not to rush into everything and at once, and evaluate tasks with the team.

    We hope that these reports helped you understand how the timlid sauce is served, how much salt and pepper should be added to the dish called the project team and how to learn how to prepare the famous IT-dessert dessert made up of tasks, retrospectives and morning rallies.
    Recall that videos of all other reports can be found in a special playlist on YouTube .

    Slightly more than a month remains before Saint TeamLead Conf . We will meet at our second conference for timblids and timblids in St. Petersburg on September 24 and 25 .

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