Opinion: Google is working on a Chromekey mini-computer with ChromeOS

    Explorers of the Geek resource share their views with “unnamed sources”: the search giant intends to launch a mini-computer in the well-known “stick” form factor, which will be called Chromekey, and possibly with the ChromeOS operating system on board, as the name suggests.

    The meaning of the new and inexpensive product of the company seems obvious - the user, having a computer the size of a little more than a flash drive with a full operating system (with a certain stretch, but nonetheless), will be able to deploy a personal workstation on any suitable computer. At the same time, his services will include at least a full browser, a set of office applications and Google charisma; It is unlikely that the search giant is planning to squeeze Windows, but it is quite possible to get some market share by releasing a cheap mini-computer equipped with a ready-made application ecosystem.

    Droid-Life has a different opinionon this account - according to the authors of the resource, also referring to their own source, Chromekey’s capabilities are more modest - it will be something like a regular dongle, which are already abundant on the market; in this case, this one will just need to be plugged into the HDMI port of the TV to get the Android environment working with Google applications at its services. This pleasure will cost only $ 35.

    Droid-Life's Chromekey specs are roughly priced and can be rated as modest - an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 512MB RAM, 2GB of memory and 802.11 b / g / n WiFi. A reasonable question is asked - if the Chinese produce their mini-computers on which you can run a full-fledged operating system with much better characteristics, then Google’s intentions in this case look a little strange.

    In this case, based on our own subjective preferences, I still want to make Geek reporters closer to the truth.

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