My time creativity, clock from motherboards

It turns out that for two years now I have been recycling, cutting, sawing, doing, creating ...

The first were the clock in the office. I came across a rather large mother from an A3 format MFP (we have a service for this case) with a very beautiful texture. From some small board cut letters. I tried to artificially age, it turned out! There were a few awesome reviews: “And what’s so badly painted!”, “It needs to be repainted!”

I looked at the small board for a couple of days and tried it out differently, then I just painted black, screwed the boards from USB flash drives and screwed it around in a circle of screws. It turned out just Cosmos!

One familiar customer is keen on axes. He collects them, decorates them with patterns, etc. And next to our office is the acceptance of scrap metal. Come, I say, we will see. Went down and for good reason - he found two axes and a pickaxe! And I saw a watermelon in a grater. The owner of this stuff was surprised, well, okay axes, but what about the float ...?

Two or three months passed, and then another fifty dollars were made to a friend - I decided to take a chance and stir up the clock based on the Mordovian ornaments. And the boards from the printers are very well Mordovian!
For hours, they still admired, including the hero of the day!

And I decided to aggravate "Black Dragon" - a gift for his beloved wife. And for the first time, already irritated the computer mother, from which the sun came out with quite natural spots.

A colleague / competitor saw the office clock, became interested ... Showed him a dragon - “Norm!”. And he asked for the watch to be the head of the SC for the Day, and the birthday man moved along the rigging point. Threw up sketches, selected. I asked for an advance: 15 motherboard pieces. All hands! Did - again, the clock went to Hurray! And besides - and I liked this creation.

I thought and made the most correct and kosher-Aged Clock of the Radio Amateur! Arrows cut from the offset plate, then I remembered that I own a 3D printer). And around me some soldering engineers had to do a few hours and donate.

The rumor about my handicrafts went a bit ... and I was driven by a two-processor server mother, a worker! - just aged much. It was a pity to cut it, but I had to make a hole. Made a "time spider". Paws printed on a 3D printer, pasted IDE cables and mikruhi from mice that are with an optical sensor. Nater noble gray hair.

Still doubt how to call my style? What would you call him?

Or maybe someone will throw an interesting topic / idea? Thanks a lot to me!

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