IKEA and smart home. Part 2

    More than a year and a half has passed since the writing of the first part , and during this time IKEA took a few steps away from wireless light bulbs in the direction of a real smart home.


    Under the cut you will find more detailed information about the updated range and mobile application.

    Unfortunately, in Russia these products are still not available, so the prices and links to the American IKEA website will be presented below. Prices in euro can be specified, for example, on the German website, and in pounds - in the UK .

    The entire range of smart products tireless Swedes can be divided into:

    • controls
    • dimmable lighting
    • lighting with dimming function and three white options (2200K, 2700K, 4000K)
    • dimming lighting with 20 different color shades


    Perhaps the most important control element is the gateway (the “control unit” will probably be the most accurate translation).

    The cost of TRÅDFRI Gateway is $ 29.99, and by buying it, you get the opportunity to control the lighting through a mobile application or using Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa / Apple Siri voice assistants.


    The control unit connects directly to the router via Ethernet and is an intermediate link between the mobile application and the lighting elements.

    The USB cable is used exclusively for power supply and is connected to the outlet through the adapter that comes in the kit.

    To control the lighting without an application, there are two remote controls, a motion sensor and a driver.

    The first remote costs $ 9.99 and can be used to turn on, turn off and change the brightness of the light.

    The first

    The second remote costs $ 14.99 and can switch between the temperature of the light and various color shades.


    Both remotes come with a CR2032 type battery and a magnetic holder that can be attached to a wall or other surface. And also with the help of each of them you can simultaneously control 10 elements of illumination.

    Personally, for my taste, the second remote control is preferable, since the control is carried out using buttons. The first console changes the brightness due to the rotation, and this, firstly, is not so convenient, and secondly, the console is not always accurate.

    The cost of a motion sensor is $ 19.99 . It turns on the light for 1, 5 or 10 minutes depending on the settings and also comes with a battery.

    Motion sensor

    The motion sensor can also be purchased complete with the E27 (in the US E26) with a 1000 Lm bulb for $ 26.99 .

    Two TRÅDFRI drivers for 10W ($ 25) and 30W ($ 35) make integrated lighting for IKEA furniture also compatible with wireless control, application and voice assistants.

    Integrated lighting

    In the near future, the assortment should receive “smart sockets” - overlays for stationary sockets, which can also be controlled through the app or the console.

    Dimmable Lighting

    TRÅDFRI dimmable light bulbs can be purchased in combination with the control panel, or separately in various variations.

    A kit with a yellow console $ 19.99 (E27, 1000Lm, 2700K)
    A kit with a black console $ 19.99 (E27, 1000Lm, 2700K)
    A kit with a white console $ 19.99 (E27, 1000Lm, 2700K)
    E27 Light Bulb, 1000Lm, 2700K $ 12.99
    Light bulb E14 (in the US E12), 400 Lm, 2700K $ 7.99
    Light bulb GU10, 400 Lm, 2700K $ 8.99


    Lighting with dimming function and three variants of white (2200K, 2700K, 4000K)

    In this category there are not only light bulbs, but also light panels, as well as doors for IKEA furniture.

    Light Bulb + Remote Kit $ 27.99 (E27, 980 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K)
    E27 Light Bulb, 980 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K Matte $ 18.99
    E27 Light Bulb, 950 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K Transparent 18.99 $
    Light bulb E14, 400 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K $ 15.99
    Light bulb GU10, 400 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K $ 19.99


    For some reason, FLOALT light panels and doors for furniture are absent on the American website, so prices are German and in euros.

    Panel 30x30cm 670Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K 69 €
    Panel 30x90cm 2200Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K 119 €
    Panel 60x60cm 670Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K 129 €

    Panels are supplied with the control panel. They can be connected directly to the cable or through a socket using an ANSLUTA adapter .

    FLOALT panels

    Door SURTE (400 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K) for furniture BESTÅ € 90
    Door JORMLIEN (600 Lm, 2200/2700 / 4000K) for furniture METOD € 119

    JORMLIEN doors

    Dimming lighting with 20 different color shades

    So far, only available with remote control for $ 35.99 , but in the near future, separate E27 and E14 bulbs will be available.

    For some reason, only 9 colors are available through the console, but all 20 are available in the application.



    The application is available in the App Store and Google Play .

    When downloading, the application asks to scan the QR code on the back of the control unit and gives access to the lighting control.

    On the main page you can see all device groups, which can then be changed in the settings.


    In the time settings, the alarm clock will help you wake up with the help of light. Functions away from home will allow you to turn on the light at a certain time while you are on vacation, in order to create the feeling that you are at home. And on or off sets the parameters when the light should burn, and when not.


    Lighting can be controlled either independently or using preset “moods”


    In the general settings you can:

    - rename lighting elements
    - change groups
    - change language
    - update lighting elements
    - configure compatibility with Apple / Google / Amazon
    - go to the “help / what's new” sections
    - disconnect from the control unit


    Renaming and re-grouping is very easy and does not require much effort.


    In the update settings, you can check the current version of all items. After installing the application, I automatically received two updates to the control panel and the light panel.


    In the compatibility settings, you can add Google / Apple / Amazon and control the lighting with the help of Google Assistant / Siri / Alexa voice assistants.


    To complete the settings, the application asks to enter a username and password about your Amazon / Google accounts, and in the case of Apple, you need to scan the code on the control unit packaging in the Apple House application.


    After a year and a half, IKEA has turned from a baby in the field of a smart home into some kind of trainee who is not surprised by the incredible possibilities yet, but he is definitely pleased with the price. Judging by the plans to replenish the range with sockets, and, according to rumors, there are still many others (such as roller blinds and locks on doors and windows), IKEA has every chance to become a full-fledged player. In addition, interaction with Google / Amazon / Apple speaks about the seriousness of Swedish plans and the right direction towards overall compatibility.

    Bright and smart evenings to you!

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