Vermont Attorney General Sues Patent Troll

    An unprecedented lawsuit was filed in court on May 22 by Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell against MPHJ Technology Investments. This company sent letters to victims demanding to pay about $ 1000 of royalties for each employee. MPHJ claimed that the victim companies infringed its patent, the essence of which lies in such “innovative technology” as scanning documents and sending them by e-mail. The troll specifically chose small companies and non-profit organizations so that they could not afford protection in court.

    In a press releaseMPHJ’s actions were called “unfair and misleading” on the official website of the Attorney General, and the company itself was called a troll in almost direct text, and statistics show that the damage from patent trolling in the United States amounted to $ 29 billion in 2011 alone.

    The prosecutor hopes that this first of a kind lawsuit will become a useful tool in the fight against patent trolls for entrepreneurs. In the United States, case law applies, and if the court takes the side of the state attorney general, this decision can form the basis of legal protection from trolls.

    Download the scanned text of the claim in PDF format at this link .

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