DryBox: Rescue Station for Drowned Phones

    I think that many representatives of the Habrasociety have had cases of “drowning” phones. Even a phone that just fell to the ground always disturbs the nervous system (not to mention cases when the “earth” is concrete). A smartphone that has fallen in water is generally a disaster. Of course, not all phones respond to water, especially if you take some measures. But still, a significant part of the devices that have fallen into the water crashes either immediately or after some time. DryBox developers claim that their device can radically change the situation.

    The fact is that DryBox uses the most effective ways to dry your phone. The basis of the work is a combination of heat, a vacuum pump and light. The developers say that the percentage of devices returned to life is quite large, and reaches about 80% (though it’s not clear whether all the “drowned” people who fell into the hands of the developers, or the “drowned ones” who didn't show any signs of life even after drying by conventional methods).

    However, DryBox is able to handle most of the devices that arrived at the “rescue center” within 36 hours. After this period, the chances of saving the smartphone are reduced, and quite significant. again, according to the developers, iPhone 5 is best dried and brought back to life.

    A patent for DryBox is currently under consideration by the relevant US authorities. Well, the device itself (which is clearly not desktop) has already been installed in some stores and just public places in cities such as San Antonio and Austin, Texas. So, if you are right there now, and you have a “drowned man”, try to bring him back to life with the help of DryBox. Drying costs from 20 to 40 US dollars, depending on the wishes of the owners of the facility where DryBox is installed.

    Via engadget

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