Why develop an electronic meeting protocol at Sharepoint 2013

The previous article on the integration of projects based on Sharepoint received a rather interesting resonance. And by numerous requests for e-mail, I was asked to continue my literary work.

Today I will try to show something interesting from the field of former implementations in the field of Sharepoint 2013 in our company.
I will not make comparisons with various mastodons in the field of EDMS, I will simply describe and show the implementation of an example of one of the improvements for Sharepoint 2013 based on Worklite Docs that will be interesting for those who suffer.

In fact, what is Electronic Document Management SED , if in plain human language?
EDMS - (if you do not focus on the little things) - this is the same system for monitoring the execution of instructions in relation to documents, that is, the storage and movement of documents in tasks within the company under a huge number of conditions. This is rude, so to speak - but it’s true that I didn’t discover Africa. Such a system - allows managers and ordinary employees to greatly simplify many routine paperwork and engage in their direct duties - to drink coffee, crack corporate buns and sit in Odnoklassniki until they stop, waiting for the traffic jams to dissolve on Sadovy.

Even a rather exotic implementation, for example, the protocol of meetings in the annex to the EDMS, can make it possible to transfer completely banal things to the level that require close attention and the collection of diverse information at the moment of discussion of something.
After all, as in our company, for example, a mediocre discussion of incomprehensible things looks like, for example, about the purchase or implementation of some kind of scary, but very necessary system, device, gadget?

Moreover, I have a strong suspicion that exemplary episodes and illustrations occur in so many companies. And it is quite possible that even third-party types and opinions will be very similar to those described below.

So, it all looks like this (the number and positions of those present can vary):


The office of the CEO with a long polished table, and a bunch of different letters and certificates on the wall. Several people are sitting in the room, from completely different areas of the organization’s functioning. At the head of the table, Boris Trofimovich sits in a high leather chair. At some distance on both sides of the table are employees.

The diversity of their activities - they virtually resemble a gang of Makhnovists.

To the left is the accountant - the radiant Zinaida Tikhonovna, then clockwise - Oleg Viktorovich (head of the IT department), two assistants with a sad expression on the face - also from IT - Lesha and Zhenya (names are unknown), Olga Konstantinovna - shots, then a system manager - a young man with a calm bronze tan and closes the circle Vladislav Petrovich - head of the AXO department (he is extremely far from high technology, but always invariably present at all important meetings - because of the tradition).

Of the absent, but expected: Deputy Director, Head of the Procurement Department and team-mate.

In Levitan’s voice about declaring war, the first one, of course, is General:
“Dear colleagues, the 21st century is in the yard and we simply must keep up with the times. (Slowly, with a steel look, he looks around all those present) Our company is developing dynamically and confidently holds its position in the market. There is an opinion that we need to automate the work of business processes and facilitate the performance of routine tasks. ”

... A premonition of disaster fluttered in the air.
Zinaida Tikhonovna’s gaze turned from a radiant one to an enthusiastic one, the IT chief nodded his head knowingly, longing was expressed on the faces of the assistants, and Vladislav Petrovich, the Head of the AHO, pulled out a handkerchief from his trousers reminiscent of a ship weather vane and blew his nose noisily. The face of the system engineer obviously possessed the emotions of an Indian - he did not blink an eye.

"... In this regard, I suppose that we will need to develop a strategy for the front of work, the development of technical specifications and the allocation of responsibilities between our technical specialists for interaction with the development company, which we will choose. What will be the views, colleagues?"

It was impossible to imagine the worst.
Enthusiastic expression was replaced by dumb adoration and the Scheherazade-shaped body of Zinaida Tikhonovna trembled from joyful emotions overwhelming her. "Right. I, Boris Trofimovich, have been saying this for a long time. After all, it became impossible to work. Something needs to be done. all the more so that our guys and guys are smart and they will have experience and the company will just enter the trends of new trends. ” Having made this speech with a look, Jeanne d'Arc, the guardian of new trends with a feeling of deep satisfaction, put on her glasses and began to dig diligently in the voluminous folder with documents of her only origin.

The head of the IT department took the floor:
“I propose moving the discussion into a constructive direction and determining the necessary“ Wishlist ”- which are necessary for implementation within the framework of our project.” He looks around victoriously. "I have prepared a short list of the required functionality, please express your comments." With a deft movement of his hand, the guard of information technology blurted out a 48-sheet squared notebook, where multiple lines with naughty text were drawn in the handwriting of a person of complex fate.

The sad helpers frowned. The face of the Indian system engineer with an expression turned into a copper bust of Caesar, and Vladislav Petrovich the Head of the AHO - blew his nose in a weather vane.

The loud baritone of Olga Konstantinovna, the head of the personnel department, thundered first! “Please note that it is imperative for our department to implement the following: ..”

... the listing, comments, affirmation, controversy and screaming were heard until late at night. The guard was already nodding, and the cleaning lady Aunt Zina, shaking her head tiredly, had long ago crawled out with a rag under the raised legs of those present, and even several times noisily poured water with a silent hint “Like, when will you finally go home, the exploiters!”


Is that all I need? At a certain moment (in the aforementioned case), such a feature as the “Electronic Protocol of Meetings” may play a role - this is not quite an element of the EDMS, it is rather a clean piece of the order execution system. Moreover, it is interesting - for some strange whim of fate, very few even know about the existence thereof. Some implement it at Sharepoint 2010, some already at Sharepoint 2013, but the essence does not change, the main thing is that there would not be such situations as I described in a previous post about customer errors when implementing systems based on Sharepoint 2013

Visually it looks something like this, respectively, design and appearance, it is up to you to decide for yourself, it will certainly be in accordance with the corporate style. To whom it is interesting, we implemented 365 with preinstalled Sharepoint 2013 on the Microsoft cloud, but please take into account that there are some nuances above the roof:


At the time of filling out the protocol, tasks are set for the participants and employees based on the same protocol. It can be either a multiple hierarchy (that is, with subtasks for performers) - or a simple implementation, one task - one performer. To do this, you need to fill out this block (the number of performers is unlimited:


Well, on the exhaust we get a printout of the completed protocol with performance marks, and send the next protocol to electronic storage.
Then it’s very convenient to browse, comment and generally poke with a sharp stick at employees who refuse their words in the style of “I supposedly didn’t mean it at all” or “You misunderstood me, I see you for the first time”.

Professionals in the field of developing such things on Sharepoint - this is unlikely to be necessary, but users may well need to understand that such features take place in the implementation.

Additional features can be found in Worklite Office solutions .

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