Microsoft introduced the new Xbox One


    At the upcoming Xbox Next Generation Xbox Conference, Microsoft introduced a new console called the Xbox One.


    Among the technical characteristics, I would like to mention the 8-core processor from AMD, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0 ports and a 500GB hard drive (in 2013) and a combined BlueRay / DVD drive with slit loading.


    Along with the new console, the new Kinect 2.0 sensor is also turning. It will differ from its predecessor by a sensor with a resolution of 1080p (compared to VGA in the first version), and an increased amount of processed data. The sensor will read up to 2GB of data per second and read up to 6 figures, so it's time to look for a large living room.

    Voice control is supported, but not a word is said about language support other than English. Using your voice, you can switch between TV, games and applications.

    Curious support for gestures in the likeness of pinch to zoom only with hands. I think this is pampering, no more.


    The gamepad has also been updated. He didn’t get the touch panels that are now fashionable, but now he is being tracked by Kinect.

    On the new console, 3 operating systems will work simultaneously, including a stripped-down version of Windows for launching applications. Multitasking is supported, now you can simultaneously watch a movie and chat on Skype.

    Also, the console will be able to pass through itself content via HDMI and impose, for example, Skype on the signal from your set-top box. A sufficient part of the presentation was devoted to television functions, but so far it is difficult to predict how this will affect Russian users.

    During the first year, fifteen new games will appear exclusively for this platform, and eight of them are completely new series.

    At the moment, Forza 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Quantum Break, and the EA Sports line of games are officially represented.

    The official site with the rest of the details is here.

    Information is constantly being updated and supplemented and I will try to collect everything for you to the maximum in one place. Amendments and additions are welcome.

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