Happy Farm has selected 17 startup projects for the second cycle of the acceleration program and new additional classes

    Happy Farm Business Incubator has selected residents of the second cycle of its acceleration program.
    They were 9 IT projects from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries:
    Lonely Walls is a free mobile application that allows you to easily decorate your personal space at home with fine art. The service helps clients find exactly those art objects that match their purchasing abilities, select free space on the wall, combine with other objects in the room, and also guarantee fast delivery.
    Lookwider is a resource of global cooperation of “people's auditors”, the purpose of which is to improve the service of companies and receive recognition and bonuses in return.
    Winkcam- This is an application for quick or hidden photography, which allows, without turning on and without unlocking the phone, take a photo after two strokes of clicks on the body. In a future version, a video camera or recorder will start in the same way.
    BPPP is a service that allows you to create animated comics.
    atCollab is a network that integrates B2B companies. The project starts with the Supplier Selection Tool, which simplifies communication with potential suppliers and provides a free and intuitive type of cooperation in the process of selecting suppliers.
    NextMusic.TV is a service that allows users to select music for their current mood, while choosing the tempo, energy, language, genre, year and artist of the work.
    Recommerce- This is an online service that allows you to quickly create a high-quality online store with a unique design and wide functionality, and in the future it is easy to manage it through a convenient administration panel of the store.
    Jamrooms are an alternative to LinkedIn groups, significantly more functional and dynamic.

    The ninth project is connected to the acceleration program of the second cycle on special paid conditions without giving back the company's share in return:

    instudies is a free web service for students that provides useful tools for study. With instudies, students can easily share notes, add and discuss assignments, group projects, presentations, stay up to date with upcoming events and the school schedule.

    The composition of the residents of the second cycle will be supplemented by two or three more projects, after the finalization of agreements with them.


    A feature of the second season of the Happy Farm acceleration program was the opening of new classes aimed at attracting and developing schoolchildren and IT students, talented entrepreneurs and programmers, as well as working businesses that want to enter global markets.

    The following teams were selected in class E, aimed at working businesses that want to enter global markets:

    Razmir - a portal about personal development, which conveniently presents training schedules, events and classes, as well as a catalog of trainers and consultants.
    Link pony- a social platform of stores where users form the popularity of products by adding them to collections (wish lists, purchases, etc.) and recommend them to friends and acquaintances on social networks.

    The following projects were selected in student-oriented class C :
    Vasja game - a computer game with a non-linear plot, related to global problems of mankind, such as ecology, provision of food products, etc. ...
    EyeDoc - a program that allows you to control the correct position of the user sitting at computer (posture, eye, etc.)
    Shooos- a universal online shopping platform that selects products based on the content of the client’s social networks and allows you to quickly and conveniently order selected goods.
    Newzmate is a service that saves time and creates a comfortable atmosphere when reading news. By subscribing to keywords, the visitor checks only popular news and has the opportunity to read them later, all in one place.
    Taskle - solution for setting tasks in the niche of IT products; a platform with which the customer easily and quickly finds an artist.
    Lookseller is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell clothes. Clothing that for one reason or another is not worn can be easily resold here.
    The two-week mentoring program for class C starts in late June - early July.

    “We made a lot of conclusions from the first season, took aim at the audience, and became more demanding both for ourselves and our startups. This time we received three times more applications and selected three times more projects. And I am convinced that so many talented people concentrated in one place, working 24/7 and obsessed with their projects, will surely strengthen each other and together we will achieve great success, ”says Anna Degtereva, CEO and member of the Happy Farm Board.

    The set of projects started in January 2013 and officially ended on May 10. The number of applications submitted this season is 246. Start-up projects were selected in several stages. On May 13, the Crash Test was held at Happy Farm business incubator, where startup teams presented their projects to Igor Shoifot, chairman of the international Board of Happy Farm, CEO Anna Degtereva and members of the incubator team. Teams selected at Сrash Test were introduced to members of the Happy Farm Board on May 17, who decided who would become Happy Farm residents in the second season.

    The Happy Farm acceleration program for resident startups was launched on May 20. It includes a mentoring program in Ukraine (2 months), “American Breakthrough” - a trip to the USA (1 month), as well as post-project support and investment attraction, after returning to Ukraine (2 months). Members of the Happy Farm International Board and international mentors will provide training for startup teams for global scaling, the ranks of which this season have been significantly replenished by IT industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and investors. Already May 22 at 19:00 in the incubator will be held an open master class Madeleine Duva, Eye-Fi adviser, Splashtop, Parrot, Phone Halo, Founder Institute mentor on the topic "Funding the Startups", devoted to how to find investors, how to draw up a fundraising plan, how to attract attention and interest the investor.

    More information: www.happyfarm.com.ua

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