Friday post link (about cursors)

    Just a couple of minutes ago, a link caught my eye. I know that maybe this is not quite a place on Habré, but she did my Friday night. Let's see what Habramozg can do with her.

    link -
    Thanks to saguro for the description:
    Description of what is actually behind the link
    The music group from Amsterdam Light Light teamed up with a group of designers, also from Amsterdam - Moniker. Together they created an extremely entertaining music video, which also acts as a kind of sociological experiment.
    Do Not Touch is a video in which you are asked to follow the instructions that appear on the screen, such as "Stay in the green zone" or "Do not touch the model." In this case, all the movements of your cursor are recorded and you join the hundreds and thousands of other cursors. To follow the instructions is up to you. The longer the video is available, the stronger the way people behave.

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