Big update of Google Maps

    But the Google I / O conference held a presentation of the completely updated Google Maps service. So far, it can only be viewed by invite , but in the future this beauty will become publicly available.

    What's New:

    1. Google Earth is finally integrated with Google Maps, so now you do not need to install a separate program to view Earth 3D or the surface of Mars. Flight simulators and other games using the Google Earth API will probably work without installing the Google Earth plugin, as it is now.

    2. In Street View, added a load of user photos for the area that you are currently watching (carousel). A ribbon of photos is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

    3. An individual card for each user: Google Maps analyzes the history of surfing, the place of residence and place of work of the user (automatically calculated by the coordinates of the Android device), ratings and reviews, and then builds an individual map with recommendations.

    Until you are invited to the new Google Maps, you can watch a brief video demo.

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