A special day of preparation for DevConf 2013 is coming - active voting for reports

    Colleagues! Help me choose an interesting report DevConf 2013 already 77 applications - and it is necessary to select useful
    for WEB and mobile developers

    Unlike other conferences - our conference developer communities - who give a voice to decide once we ;-)
    If you go entire development team - vote collectively and / or individually.

    An excellent occasion to get together and determine which of the areas for development are interesting for your team.

    We urge you to vote only for applications that are of interest to you, if you have already registered, then log in under your name here devconf.ru/account

    PS We are looking for the leading flipchart sections - which will be burned on the sidelines (in between reports).
    Leading a 50% discount on participation in the main day of DevConf 2013.

    Flip - short (5-10 minutes) speech on a topic related to the conference theme or close to it, using a whiteboard or flip chart and felt-tip pens, or orally, without using special hardware

    See you at DevConf 2013 - developer community conference!

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