Ten best gaming mice for any wallet

    Gaming mice are a special subtype of computer mice, to which the highest demands are made. In computer battles, where reaction and endurance are important, any unpleasant trifle can cause a loss. Fortunately, today on the market you can find a variety of game rodents for any requirements. In this review we will talk about the ten most interesting models.

    The success factors of gaming mice do not change from year to year. The most important is ergonomics. There is usually no place for tiny accessories for laptops. A comfortable mouse with a hollow for a thumb - a hand resting on it even after ten hours of a marathon. Another success factor is the weight on which the control of even the smallest movements of the mouse cursor depends. Additional shortcut keys and utilities with macros are another factor. In modern games, especially in the MOBA genre, it is convenient to customize the desired key combination directly on the mouse.

    Now that the interesting can be seen in the gaming mice in 2018. The main feature of the new products is sensors with a huge resolution of sensors, which sometimes reaches 16000 dpi. This is enough even for many graphic designers who boldly buy gaming mice in a pair of tablets.

    And now, when we figured out the main distinguishing features of gaming mice, let's look at the best of them. The most unusual and extravagant, filled with comfortable chips and lotions, and the most available in the game category. For your convenience, we have streamlined our TOP-10 to increase prices.

    Traditionally, the opinion of the author may differ from the position of our readers. Therefore, we will be happy if in the comments share your options.

    Sven RX-G920

    The most affordable gaming mouse on our list, with an optical sensor with a resolution of 600-1600 Dpi and a mechanical resolution switch right on the case. Confident work on the rug, weight 112 grams and durable USB-cable in nylon braid - this is the details. The most important thing here is design. For the close price there is hardly any competitor that is so close externally to the gaming industry trends. It looks like a flagship product, but it will fit in almost any budget for computer peripherals.

    Red Square Double Frost RSQ-10004

    Prefer the classic symmetrical shape for left-handers and right-handers? Then you can pay attention to the products of Red Square, which gradually replaces eminent brands. The Frost RSQ-10004 model combines high build quality, an optical sensor with a resolution of up to 2400 Dpi, and the ability to accurately process movement at speeds of up to 76 cm / s. A convenient symmetrical case with elastic inserts is equipped with a minimum of additional keys, which is more suitable for lovers of shooters.

    A4Tech X-87

    Aggressive design, thoughtful ergonomics and a separate arrangement of the right / left keys with a puffy wheel between them. There are also six additional programmable keys, the autonomy of which is guaranteed by the built-in memory module. In our list, this is the first mouse with five positions of resolution adjustment , with a ceiling of 2400 DPI, and also with a custom LED backlight. Special attention is given to additional features of A4Tech software, including a special macro for auto-suppression of recoil in shooters and heavy fire mode.

    Thermaltake eSports Talon X

    A set of a mouse and a rug from a well-known manufacturer of components is perfect as a gift. Let the mat solve problems with the working surface, and we will focus on the main advantages of the mouse itself: the variable resolution of the sensor up to 3200 Dpi and the charismatic LED backlighting. It weighs 142 grams, has six programmable additional keys. If they are not used, then this model can be called suitable for controlling the left hand.

    Mad Catz RAT 4

    Futuristic and impressive rodent . A distinctive feature of Mad Catz mice and RAT 4 models in particular is the ability to fine-tune the body for the anatomical subtleties of your brush. The optical sensor offers resolutions up to 5000 Dpi, OMRON switches promise to withstand up to 20 million clicks. There are nine programmable keys. An important feature - the low weight of the mouse, only 90 grams - in dynamic genres this can be an advantage.

    Logitech G305

    Logitech G305 , at first glance, came to us in the article by mistake, but it is not. It seems that in size it hardly fits into the standard of the gaming accessory, and at the same time it has no wires. But the key characteristics of her very “gaming”: a polling frequency of 1000 Hz, six programmable keys, enhanced scroll wheel, and most importantly - the flagship sensor with 1 ms response technology LightSpeed. The range of adjustment of the resolution of the optical sensor from 200 to 12000 dpi discards the latest doubts about the capabilities of the mouse. Undoubtedly, this is the main surprise of our entire collection.

    Razer naga chroma

    Champion in the number of additional keys. In addition to traditional switches for shooters, the thumb has a natural digital block of a dozen macro-programmable keys, which allows you to reduce any purchases in the RPG to just one click. Inside the laser sensor is installed with a maximum resolution of up to 16000 dpi. Close to the classical form has been preserved, and on the scales Naga Chroma is gaining a respectable 135 grams.

    Thermaltake eSports Black FP

    A neat, almost symmetrical design, seven programmable control keys and a laser sensor with a maximum resolution of up to 5700 dpi are the main features of the eSports Black FP . Weight can be increased to 148 grams using the built-in system of five weights. And also Thermaltake eSports Black FP has a fingerprint scanner - all of a sudden it lacks on your mouse.

    Logitech g903

    So we got to the flagships. Wireless G903 boasts memorable design features, 11 programmable keys, proprietary optical sensor resolution up to 12000 dpi. There is a weight to increase the weight from 112 to 122 g. You can charge the G903 through the supplied USB cable, and at the same time continue the game. Or buy a branded rug with wireless induction charging PowerPlay.

    Mad Catz RAT Pro X

    The highest point in the development of modular architecture Mad Catz. The complete set of mouse and modules weighs 690 g (sic!), Includes ceramic and teflon legs, magnesium bodies and two interchangeable sensors to choose from: optical 5000 dpi and laser 8200 dpi. This is truly LEGO in the world of computer mice. There are also ten programmable keys.

    This, in our opinion, is the list of the best gaming mice as of mid-2018. The models presented in our selection have brothers with small differences and other combinations of chips: some have more weights, others have a slightly simpler sensor. You can find an option for every taste. We wish not to be mistaken with the choice!

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