NetApp and Cisco: Enhanced Collaboration, New FlexPod Configurations

    Continuing the article What is FlexPod? . In short, FlexPod is a set of server and network equipment and data center software offered by Cisco and NetApp, based on Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus switches, NetApp FAS storage systems .

    January 24, 2013, NetApp and Cisco announced an expansion of cooperation.

    Thus, realizing deeper integration of the products of both companies and new configurations of FlexPod solutions using some new developments of both companies.

    • Deeper integration of FlexPod architecture: Cisco and NetApp continue to integrate their Cisco UCS and NetApp FAS products and FlexPod open ecosystem management.
      FlexPod provides the ability to manage up to 10,000 servers, enabling organizations to integrate multiple FlexPod racks and use Multihop FCoE . These solutions are designed specifically for Service Providers and enterprises with a branch structure, providing the ability to scale infrastructure with predictable performance and technical support.
      FlexPod continues to lead integration with infrastructure management utilities and will support Cisco UCS Manager 2.1. Cisco recentlyswallowed up Cloupia by consistently continuing and developing a unified converged infrastructure strategy. In addition, Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (Cisco IAC) is supported by enabling cloud-based cloud management for FlexPod customers. Deeper integration across the entire FlexPod at the platform level, unlike the component level, making it easy to orchestrate FlexPod using partner solutions, including Microsoft System Center and Citrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack .
    • Cisco and NetApp also integrate host-level Flash and storage technology to increase performance across a converged architecture. NetApp FlashAccel acceleration technology on the host side and NetApp FlashCache / FlashPool on the storage controller side will be used for this .

    • FlexPod for Cloud Service Providers .Cisco and NetApp have developed a flexible architecture, with the possibility of large-scale expansion of the FlexPod solution, which can work with the service provider multi- data center architecture. This set of solutions includes the NetApp Clustered ONTAP clustered OS and NetApp FAS storages with Cisco UCS servers and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches, creating dynamic server pools, storages and network resources that can be expanded up and down based on customer needs and their applications. This solution will use the Cisco VMDC architecture , including management and orchestration from Cisco and an ecosystem of partners such as BMC Software and, in the future, from open source providers.

    • Branch Office Solutions: Cisco and NetApp are developing a partnership to expand the capabilities of the ExpressPod architecture to meet the computing, storage, and branch office network resource requirements of remote offices. ExpressPod uses a similar converged architecture with FlexPod as the branch grows. This easy-to-install architecture offers a higher level of compatibility with the organization’s data center core, enabling affiliates to take advantage of all the most effective trends in the IT industry, such as virtualization and cloud computing. ExpressPod will include support for VMware vSphere and will soon include support for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

    • FlexPod Application Validation: Cisco and NetApp expanding mission-critical application coverage and providing cloud data center solutions . Mission critical solutions include: Oracle databases and applications, SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence and SAP HANA platform, and also provides cloud solutions including Microsoft Private Cloud and Citrix CloudPlatform.


    Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology and Strategy Director, Cisco

    “The past 10 years of the NetApp partnership have confirmed Cisco’s successful FlexPod validation for our customers. Continuing development on the basis of this success, we are now expanding our partnership with NetApp by providing deep integration and a wide range of developed solutions for unified data centers for open, scalable, multi-cloud infrastructures. Together we will help our customers use the funds already invested in the data center to overcome the transition to the era of mobile cloud.

    Manish Goel, Executive Vice President, Product Operations NetApp,

    “NetApp and Cisco share a vision for the future of data centersand will continue to collaborate on innovations that bring organizations together into a holistic cloud architecture. Our development, sales, and channel team will work even harder to provide new opportunities that will expand the market for opportunities for both companies and our partners, and help our customers gain a competitive advantage from their flexible and efficient data center infrastructure ”

    Simon Aspinall, Global Markets Director , Virtustream

    “With FlexPod from Cisco and NetApp, we can implement private and public cloud solutions tailored to the individual mission-critical requirements of our corporate clientsapplications. FlexPod's ability to dynamically integrate with network and storage servers is unique in the market, giving our cloud and IaaS solutions a clear advantage. ”

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