How to become a 1s programmer

Good afternoon, dear habratchiteli! I will tell everyone who is 1c programmer, and how to become one.

Pros and cons

1) Except in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, nobody needs “1c programmers”.
2) You will have to communicate a lot with users (managers)
3) You will have to study a lot of all unnecessary nonsense such as "Accounting", personnel and warehouse accounting. (also a plus)
4) Programmers 1c, other programmers consider "under-programmers"

1) Good salary.
2) Low threshold for entering the profession.
3) Great demand in the Russian Federation.
4) Programmer 1s, still a programmer.
5) Interesting and necessary acquaintances (often 1c programmer, communicates with the financial director of large enterprises)
6) Understanding the business processes of the enterprise, which can help you open your own business in any field.
7) Ample opportunities for freelance.

Personal experience

In 2003, I graduated from a technical school with a degree in Computer Software and Automated Systems, that is, a programmer.

After the joy of this event slightly subsided, I started looking for work. Having bought the publication “Work and Salary”, I was disappointed to find that C, Pascal, Delphi programmers do not really need anyone, but “1c programmers” are needed. At the same time, the salaries of these mysterious 1C programmers were offered 2-3 times higher than just “C”. My thoughts were: “What is“ C ”I know, but what is“ 1C ”?”
Further, I did not work in my specialty, later I got into Franchisee 1s and firmly decided to become a “1s programmer,” but I had no idea where to start and how to approach this matter. On the way to the goal, it helped me a lot, so I decided to write this article.

Where to begin

To become a “1C programmer” is very simple, especially if there is a desire, and a little time.

I see two main paths, through Franchisees (partners of 1c company specializing in servicing users of the program.) Or self-education, working in a company where there is already a “1s enterprise” program

The Way of the Franchisee

It is necessary to get a job in the Franchisee 1s position “ITS service engineer”, but not in a small one, it is necessary for the company to conduct employee training, and at least five to ten programmers in the state. There are a lot of such companies, they probably take everyone there.
To begin with, they will offer you training, training is usually paid by the employer at a minimum rate. In 2006, it was the salary of a McDonalds employee, so you won’t die of hunger. For the first month, you will be trained to work with the program from the point of view of the user, they will be taught to “update” the “typical” and “not typical” configurations. In some, franchisees are given a chance to work on the Consultation Line to consolidate their skills. During the training period, and not only, you can always ask for advice from senior colleagues, and they will help you.

The work of the “ITS service engineer” is to travel to the client and update the database (in fact, click the mouse a couple of times). About 30 trips per month. Somewhere, 3-5 trips a day, in addition, customers rarely want to see you until 10-00 and after 16-30. It is easy to calculate that you will have a lot of free time for training, besides, you can read books on the road (I read all the reference books from the 1c kit, I understood a little, but later it helped a lot).

At this stage, it is important not to be lazy, to fulfill all the training assignments, ask a lot of questions, and in every possible way express the desire to learn and work. Clients will have questions about working with the program, if you do not know the answer on the spot, you can always write down the question, solve it in the office (by asking colleagues), call the client back and tell the solution. Clients will also ask to “finish the program”, usually these are the simplest improvements, at the first stages you will transfer them to the programmers, it would be nice to ask your colleagues how they did it and try to do it yourself (on the copy naturally).


The "1c programmers" have a "Certification at 1C." In fact, there are two main types of certificates: 1s Professional and 1s Specialist.
Certificates are confirmation that you will not at least ruin the program and give you a salary bonus (usually the franchisees pay a certified specialist).
The best certificates are the “platform” and “Production enterprise management”

1s Professional

“1s Professional” - a user certificate for knowledge of how to use the program. It looks like testing of 14 questions and 4-6 answer options, in order to pass the test you need to answer at least 12 of them. Testing is paid, but very cheap. You can try to retake the tests at least every day.
In fact, it seems like this.

Method 1

There is a book with questions for the test (sold in 1s, the franchisee should also have one), in the book somewhere 900 - 1000 questions, you can try to solve them all and remember. This is a difficult way, as some questions are posed, so it is not clear what the author wanted to ask.

Method 2

Need ITS drives for 16 months. The fact is that on the ITS disks there are tests for 1s professional, they are an Excel file, a little protected, it is pulled out very easily and simply.
After passing the test, you will be informed which question you answered correctly, in fact, by exhaustive search you can easily find all the correct answers to all tests (Answer all questions 1, mark yourself which questions answer 1, then answer all questions 2 and mark and t .d.)
Next, copy the question-answer into one Excel file, so that you get the following: Question and only the right answer, it’s not worth bothering yourself with the wrong answers. Next, you need to carefully read and remember what you did, reading 900 Questions and Answers will take about 2 hours. Next, try to select a random test from the ITS disk and pass it, practice until you can confidently pass it.
And then you have to go and take the test. Everything will take about 3-4 days. If you can’t pass the first time, ask to retake again as soon as possible.

"1s Specialist"

“1s Specialist” is already an exam; it is necessary to solve the programming problem in 1s program in 4 hours. In order for you to be admitted to it, you must obtain the "same" certificate of "1s professional." That is, in order to take the exam “1s Professional Platform”, you must have “1s Professional Platform”.
The exam is taken by a group of about 25 people, 1-3 people successfully pass the exam. To pass the exam, you need to solve the problem, and then answer the examiner all the questions and justify the decision. On the exam, you can use books from "1s", go out the door and do whatever you like there (smoking, calling, etc.)
The tasks that will be on the exam can be bought at 1s, and most likely they will be with your franchisee (possibly even with solutions). Previously, you could not buy a book with exam tasks, but you could buy a book and problem solutions on the Internet (though the solutions were far from optimal, and I made my decisions on their basis). To pass the exam, it’s good to solve all the problem options, then the exam is passed easily and naturally.

Congratulations, you are a 1C programmer (although without skills),
and here you are with “1c certificates” and your boss will probably notice you and offer you a new position. There is already a choice, either to agree to the proposal, and develop further into a franchisee, or go to a direct employer in the state (for this it is advisable to work 1-2 years to have work experience).

The path to the company where there is a "1s enterprise"

This way, most likely, the system administrator will go who works in the company with “1s enterprise”. In fact, everything is simple, you need to communicate with a regular 1s programmer, read books from the package. It’s good to buy and solve the book “Developer's practical guide” and “simple development examples”. When it starts to work out, you can ask the “programmer” what he is doing and ask him to give you the simplest task (for example, to make a printed form or report), try to do it, show the programmer and find out what is wrong and how to do it better. Over time, you will “beat your hand”. Again, it’s nice to find the tasks from the “1s Specialist Platform” exam and solve them all.

Pros and cons of working as a 1c programmer in a franchisee or in the state.

1c programmer in franchisee


1) A friendly team, there is always someone to ask.
2) Trainings, training, etc.
3) Flexible schedule
4) You can collect a large client base and go into freelance
5) You will work with all possible programs 1s, look at a bunch of different code, you will know the latest trends


1) A low salary, depending on the bills paid
2) you have to write a bad code, because you need to get money here and now, and the fact that the client wakes up a terribly slower in a year is even good, you can take it for optimization.
3) The traveling nature of the work.
4) Terribly outdated computers for both the franchisee and the client
5) Unpaid leave and sick leave (although not for everyone)
6) Compilation and completion of work reports for superiors (also not paid)
7) You will have to work with the client whom you will give even if he is not a very good person

Programmer 1c in the state of the employer


1) You have a bet, you need to strain at least and you will still get 100% of your salary
2) A normal salary that you always get
3) The ability to bring the code to perfection
4) You can study all the business processes of the company
5) You will have a modern computer
6) Work sitting in one place, and not dangling around the city
7) You yourself choose who you want to get a job


1) Programmers are not very appreciated, because they do not bring profit
2) You will have to fulfill all the whims of managers (if there is a mess at the enterprise, and probably 90% of them)


In conclusion, I will say that it is important to be able to read the forum, they have a lot of useful information. It would be nice for programmer 1c to understand MS SQL, My SQL. Do not forget to write beautiful code with comments and explanations.

Thank you all for your attention!

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