Android programs forbidden to update bypassing Google Play

Original author: Kellex
Google updated the agreement with the developers by adding a special item addressed to developers who are trying to update, modify or replace the APK application on their own or using extraneous services. This new item, introduced in the “Dangerous Products” section, specifically says that no Google Play application can be updated in any other way than through the Google Play update mechanism. Google’s policy can be understood in connection with increased concerns about malware and security.

No developer or company was specifically named, but after discussing this note, Facebook comes to mind. Everyone remembers how a month or so ago the Facebook application was updated, offering to install a new assembly, but not through Google Play? This scared a lot of Android users in the world, provoking the opening of discussions all over the Internet in order to find out whether it is safe. Personally, I am not aware of other applications that have done this, but I'm sure that there are many of them and Facebook is not alone.

Without departing from the cash register, the survey:

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Whether to allow programs to update past Google Play

  • 23.2% Yes, allow 418
  • 53.8% Deny definitely 968
  • 10.5% does not matter 189
  • 12.3% I don’t know, decide without me :) 222

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