We open Ukrainian development office - FAQ

    We regularly receive letters of approximately the following content: “we are a small company in Moscow (Riga, Berlin) and we have heard many sensible developers in Ukraine. tell me how much it costs and how to find them. "

    We decided to make a small FAQ for those who are looking for developers in Ukraine or are considering opening an office here.

    How much is

    There was a separate post about developers' salaries . In a nutshell, a salary is considered good - $ 2500-4000. Salary forks by city, technology and experience can be estimated by our salary widget .

    Outsourcing or own team

    Is it worth bothering with finding people if you can go to a company that deals with IT outsourcing?

    The advantages of creating your own team: 100% control over the process, loyalty, long-term perspective and, of course, price. Cons: a lot of time to start. For short projects (2-6) months, it may be more profitable to “overpay” outsourcing companies, but to gain time.

    City: Kiev or not Kiev

    There are five leading cities: Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa. In other cities, the labor market is too small, I would not consider them if there are no special reasons (grandmother in Kherson, for example).

    Kiev is 20-30% more expensive than Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk in salaries and office rental costs, but Odessa and Lviv are not much cheaper. But Kiev wins in the labor market (40% of specialists work in the capital) and transport connectivity with Russia and the world (night train, UTair, WizzAir, UIA).

    Where to looking for

    As elsewhere, dating and personal advice is the most effective way.

    If you decide to assemble a team yourself, a good option is to start with the local tech. directors. He already knows local realities and has a potential list of friends and colleagues.


    When the "over" friends you can take on LinkedIn . Every second Ukrainian developer is registered on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, candidates rarely answer, the statistics “1 response to 10 messages” is considered not bad. If you do not have a strong brand like Yandex or Google, it will be even lower.

    Work sites

    In addition to jobs.dou.ua there are hh.ua , work.ua and rabota.ua . Unlike Russia, HH is absolutely not a market leader, at least in IT.

    Honestly, for the search for developers, work sites generally do not work well - good programmers simply do not "reach" them, but there are many mediocre specialists without experience in the industry and knowledge of English.


    djinni.co is "the opposite is jobs." Instead of reviewing vacancies looking for interesting ones, developers describe their experience and wishes regarding work and salary levels, and companies offer suitable vacancies.

    The service is trying to solve the problem of low efficiency LinkedIn and this is partially possible. Partially because candidates there are orders of magnitude less than on LinkedIn or other sites.


    MailRu regularly visits the Kharkov Polytechnic. Yandex arranges its “subbotniks”. Facebook made a big hackathon in winter and participated in the recent Startup Weekend in Kiev.

    With a smaller budget, you can do something small, but very targeted, such as PaymentWall Girl's party or Windows Phone hackathon . Or support some of the popular events .


    90% of Ukrainian development companies formalize employees as SPD (an analogue of the Russian IP). There are few exceptions: international companies such as Yandex, eBay (Magento) or companies focused on the local market with ridiculous salaries.

    The reason is simple - the price. Registration "under the Labor Code" and with a work book - will cost 47% of the cost of payroll (wage fund). SPD pays 5% VAT plus a fixed contribution to the PF (about $ 700 / year).

    Making a "staff" can be a competitive advantage; for many specialists, the fact of a "white" salary is important. If you are ready to bear 2x payroll expenses.

    The timing

    Demand exceeds supply. It takes from 2 weeks (with luck) to 3 months to search for one developer (high requirements, narrow specialists). You can speed up the search through outsourcing companies or a recruiting agency, both options are not cheap.

    PS If there are still questions - ask in the comments, we will answer without fail.

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