Withdraw from Payoneer account to WebMoney

    UPD: Unfortunately, at the moment, the transfer from a Payoneer account to WebMoney does not work for technical reasons. We will inform you when the service will be available again.

    Dear Payoneer card holders, we are pleased to announce that we have added a number of partners to the program for withdrawing funds from cards to WebMoney wallets.

    We already reported earlier about the launch of a pilot project that allows you to transfer funds from Payoneer cards to verified user wallets in the WebMoney system. Now the list of partners whose cardholders have this option has been significantly expanded.
    You can check if you have this option by logging into your account, in the “Withdrawal” menu. If the transfer to WebMoney for your card is not yet available, please be patient, we will gradually add more and more groups of partners.

    If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact our support service in Russian by mail support (a) payoneer.ru; with the department for work with Russian-speaking partner companies - partners (a) payoneer.ru.
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