How to learn to program in 9 years by yourself

Many believe that in 9-10 years, you can program a maximum on Scratch. But it is not. In 9 years, you can also cut programs on C # Windows Forms. The main desire.

How it all began

It all started when I wanted to make a full-fledged computer in Minecraft.

I arranged a DDoS attack on Yandex. I was looking for information on how the computer works. During the search, I came across a video course on Sharp. And so it began ...

Not so simple in this life

I looked at the first lesson “What is C # and why is it needed?”.

I thought,

“Why do I need to complete my education?” Install Visual Studio, click on the buttons (not on the keyboard) and you're done! I'm a programmer! ”

But it's not that simple.


What is it? Ahhh! Help!

I started hitting the keyboard ... not in Visual Studio, but in Yandex:
“How to program”
“How to program in C #”
“Lessons in C #”
, etc.

Gone up!

Found sites and Was reading…

First results

At first I worked in the console. I made a console “notepad”, a console calculator, even wrote a “virtual machine” and “programming language” (did not finish it).
(Unfortunately, they are not preserved).

Window applications

I downloaded this book. Called "C # for schoolchildren." It has lessons on creating Windows Forms applications. Touched, did.


Tired of writing boring, useless applications.
And I got an idea! Make a mini-game on Windows Forms!
Called Adventure of Warrior.

Started learning XNA. On the 3rd day made the game.

I also tried to make pseudo-3d graphics:


Participated in competitions 2 times.

First time won (with reservations). How did I win? I was not allowed to compete with programmers from high school. And I was a third-grader. They started to compete with second-graders. While they were talking about trains, how they work, traffic rules, etc., I came.
Showed the game, and everything - 1 place!

The second time did not get into the prizes. Although my program is so-so. Called Alprog.RadioWave– application for listening to Internet radio.


Switch to WPF

Two years later,

Hooray! I can write on Windows Forms!

In the meantime, I wanted to do something new! Animation, translucency elements.
Why GDI can not work with a video card? He does not pull!

Looking for ... Oooh! Found! WPF!

MVVM? What is it??

Already angry, I thought to write my UI Framework in Windows Forms on OpenGL.
Started to do. Oh! Another OpenGL need to learn! And how to draw a button? Textures in Photoshop do?

I stepped over the threshold of " fucking learn! I’m still sleeping ! ”And began to teach. Practice is a golden thing in learning.

What now?

And now in 2019, when I am 11 years old, I study at Xamarin.Forms and develop an organizer. Called Alprog.Priority.

The first version was called Alprog.XNote :


Already on WPF

Here is the main one:

He became a school "tyzhprogrammist". Informatics passed externally. If anything, teachers contact me (very often).

At the lessons of computer science I bring my laptop and create it. Computer science teacher became my mentor.

Very grateful to him. Sometimes it happens that there are no ideas - I want to quit programming. And the teacher tells me where to go next. And I'm starting to implement new ideas.
I am also grateful to my parents for their support and faith in me.


As you can see, if there is a desire, then there is a result. Slightly dance with a tambourine around the computer, and put a semicolon on time.

PS Wait for new articles!

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