Market Navigator - One-click Price Comparison

    Studying the Google Chrome app store for something foreign and trending in the field of ecommerce, I quite often came across applications focused on working with amazon and eBay, which largely duplicate the functionality of these sites, but allow you to get the necessary information without going to the site itself . An example is the services of calculating shipping costs, finding similar products and comparing prices.

    As you know, in Russia Yandex Market plays a very specific role. The role of the Center of the Universe, so to speak. Therefore, if we decided to create a Russian analogue of one of such applications, we would use Yandex Market data. In general, so we did and wrote an application for comparing prices .

    The app is called Market Navigator. The Google Chrome store has just a few funny reviews. There is no other information about this application anywhere, and this short review will be the first.

    I gave the application the maximum rating and wrote a positive review not because I took part in the development, but because:

    1. It is useful
    2. It is free
    3. It works

    Maybe this will seem strange to many, but this is quite enough. As a user, I don’t need anything else. I understand that none of these applications will be revolutionary, will not make a splash on the Internet, and indeed, it does not pretend to be anything serious. But if I suddenly want to know how much this thing costs in stores, I just need to press one button, and I will get all the necessary information.

    To be more specific, you should clarify what our application does. Fortunately, you don’t have to compose a lot for this. The application shows prices in stores for the goods you are interested in. It's just ridiculous, isn't it. Prices are displayed as a list of stores where this product is in stock. From the application window, you can immediately go to the online store with the lowest price, and immediately go to the product page and buy it.

    There are still such things as product characteristics, product reviews, modifications and shops nearby, although the last 2 tabs are still inactive (Chrome shows version 0.0.8, so it's scary to imagine what will happen there for the first stable release).

    Preventing reasonable comments on the topic of duplication of Yandex Market functionality, I remind dear readers about how lazy we are. I work on the Internet browsing hundreds of store pages with prices and descriptions, but I’m stupidly too lazy to hammer every product into Yandex Market. And the Market Navigator shows all the necessary information at once - Personally, it is much more convenient for me. By the way, I remind once again that the application is completely based on data received from Yandex Market (I hope this is legal).

    Of course, if I am going to buy plasma for 100K, I will not be lazy and sit on the Yandex Market for more than one hour, but most often the information is needed very quickly and in a very compressed form. And here for me there is no more convenient solution than an unknown to anyone accidentally written “on my knee” application.

    By the way, it seems to me that this situation has recently become the norm in Runet. Perhaps the reason for this is the general desire of everyone to the laurels and millions of Zuckerberg and, as a result, arrogant neglect of the specific and simple tasks of the user. But this is a topic for the next holivar debate, but I still would like to get a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of a particular application. By the way, thanks to everyone who, one way or another, helped me get it.

    From myself I will add another interesting feature. I don’t know how useful it is for a wide audience, but still I’ll add my own five cents. Despite the fact that the application must be used on the pages of goods in stores, it works quite normally on regular sites. That is, if you read a review, review or topic on the forum (or an article on the hub) about a new gadget, then by clicking on the application icon, you can immediately see where it is sold and how much it costs. Personally, I really like this thing.

    In conclusion, I want to clarify once again that the purpose of writing this material was not so much advertising the application (although advertising free services is exactly my part), but rather an understandable desire to get an audience rating. Will the application be useful? Does it violate any user agreements? What functionality could be added? And again, thanks in advance for the comments.

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