Advanced file navigation


    Folder navigation, I think, is not well organized anywhere on either Windows or Mac. Although speaking of default navigation, I like Windows more in this regard. Although also not perfect. I had to always have something like TotalCommander . And in the Mac used Midnight Commander .

    And all because the mode of double display of folders is simply not replaceable.

    On the Mac, in addition to all the shortcomings, there is one more. This is a sort . It interferes with folders and files, so finding what you need is not easy.

    These are the 2 main problems that I have to solve every day.


    Recently discovered a wonderful application for the Mac. This is TotalFinder .

    Firstly, it can pair folders, which is very convenient for me. Go to this mode simply by pressing the ⌘ - the U .

    dual mode

    Well and of course it is clear that there are tabs which is very convenient. No need to have 10 windows open, everything can be done in one window.

    Another important point for me is the ability to sort folders always at the top regardless of the type of sorting. There is a separate setting for this.

    Foder first

    Well, the little things are a lot of amenities. For example, ⌘ - ⇧ -. can show or hide hidden files.

    In a word, I recommend this add-on to the standard Mac Finder to everyone.

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