Wordpress.com switched to Open Sans free font

    Open Sans seems to be becoming the new standard for the web, and not just the web. This neutral font looks good both in mobile applications and when printing. WordPress.com was another major site that abandoned the old Helvetica / Arial in favor of Open Sans .

    Open Sans - A font created by Steve Matteson, distributed under the Apache license. Contains 897 characters, including ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek, and Cyrillic.

    Open Sans has long been in first place in the Google Fonts catalog of free fonts and continues to widen its lead over everyone else. For comparison, over the past week he has almost 2 billion calls through the API, while the nearest Oswald pursuer has only 700 million.

    WordPress.com developers offer to compare how the About Us page looks in the old version with Helvetica / Arial, and in the new version with Open Sans.

    Helvetica / arial

    Open sans

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