Peter Molyneu pushed two monetization options in Curiosity

    Curiosity by Peter Molyneux is a cube from which many users from all over the world pluck scales, removing layers in the hope of reaching its core, where a secret is hidden.

    In the latest update, the author added in-line purchases the ability to not only delete the elements of the cube, but also vice versa - to increase them back. For different amounts, you can add from 10 to 500 thousand elements.

    “We don’t know exactly how events will develop further,” writes 22Cans, the creator of Curiosity. "Perhaps Curiosity will soon reveal its innermost secret, or maybe players will want to keep it at all costs."

    At the moment, more and more inclined to the first version - players for a fee removed about 14 million scales, and increased about 5 million.

    The game itself has been going on for 164 days, during which time the players removed 260 levels from the cube.

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