Competition "REVIEW NOKIA LUMIA 920": the best

    Two months ago on Habré a contest of posts about Nokia Lumia 920 started, we got a lot of good works and would like to note the most interesting of them.
    The most popular category of posts is First Acquaintance. This is not surprising, for many of the contest participants Nokia Lumia 920 became the first device on the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

    Most of the participants took the path of comparison with products from other manufacturers, moreover, with top models ( Is there life after Android , Overview of the most intriguing smartphone years , the Life of others ), and with devices that are representatives of a completely different niche, both in terms of price and functionality ( Nokia Lumia 920 vs BlackBerry Bold 9900. An unusual comparison)

    A small quote from the post “ Life of others ”:
    All devices are very different for different people. It was the life of others - a life in which there is no place for desktop wallpaper and wasting time on any settings. And I respect the choice of these people.
    In the end, Nokia was the first of all to say goodbye to me.

    We especially appreciate the desire of most authors to be objective and write not only about the advantages, but also about the shortcomings that they encountered in the testing process.

    DarkByte as a whole built his review “on the contrary”: instead of writing down the pluses, which are already devoted to a huge amount of materials, he talks about what imperfections and roughness he sees in the model. 17 votes cast for his post, speak about the legitimacy of this approach. We will be happy to answer some of the comments.

    For example, Darkbyte writes:
    First of all, I decided to see how the camera works, and was simply shocked. Of the 10 photos taken, eight were blurry. What kind of optical stabilization is there? Later it was found that the phone is much better, in comparison with other models, it shoots in low light conditions than in daylight. That is, the developers tried to adapt it to poor lighting conditions. But why did the quality of frames suffer in good light? Unclear!

    We can only comment on our own that we have already talked about a software update that significantly improves the quality of images taken in daylight. If you missed, see in our post " Nokia Lumia 920 against the spring sun ."

    It did not work to connect a mouse and keyboard to the phone via USB or via Bluetooth, but it's a pity. Actually, it was not possible to connect the phone to the computer ...

    Here we are confused, because other testers, on the contrary, noted the simplicity of connecting the phone to a computer.

    In the end, the author concludes:
    As always, Nokia was on top in terms of iron. Although the software this time somehow did not work out. One can only hope that the problems will be fixed someday - it is not for nothing that the phone sends up to 10 megabytes of error reports to Microsoft every week.

    And here DarkByte is a little cunning, because the presented screenshots indicate sending 2 MB of reviews per week, and the figure of 10 MB is indicated as the maximum possible.

    One of the most burning topics that the participants of our competition paid close attention to is Nokia’s map services and navigation.

    Alexey aka Boomburum talked about our maps:
    ... before the trip, I uploaded 300 Megabytes of Spain, which allowed me to navigate in a new place like at home. Detailing the map is very cool - and the streets, and the POI, and all-all-all. Any Yandex.Maps can’t even dream of it, and most importantly - no data binding on the server — the card is already on the phone, it doesn’t load in pieces for hours, it scales instantly and without loss of quality.

    Of course, we are very pleased to read such reviews. Although there are opposing opinions:
    The phone could not be used as a navigator. The built-in Nokia navigator simply did not know the street I needed in the near Moscow suburbs, so I had to immediately exclude it from consideration. Yandex maps in navigator mode ... This is not Yandex.Navigator at all. And of course, without the much-needed driving voice search.

    Both positions are backed up by personal experience. Nevertheless, we note that most users identify as a positive feature the confident work of cards in offline mode.

    If you want to argue with the contest participants, support them or join the fight for the prize pool yourself, hurry up: the work is accepted until 20.04 inclusive.

    We, in turn, wish good luck to all participants.

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