GMail - check new messages from the command line

    Let's not pull the cat by the tail. Straight to the point

    curl -u username:password --silent "" | tr -d '\n' | awk -F '' '{for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) {print $i}}' | wc -l

    The result will be the number of new letters in your inbox.

    Update: the command can be simplified to
    curl -u username:password --silent "" | awk -F '|' '{for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) {print $i}}'
    Thanks for the Wolverine Update tip : and even easier

    curl -u username:password --silent "" | grep -c ""
    hints onix74

    The commands used should be familiar to the sophisticated linux user. For the inexperienced, a brief explanation of what the parts of this line do.
    curl - here gets the page at the given address. In this case, it is RSS feed
    tr -d '\ n' - removes
    awk line breaks - “bites” the necessary parts (the awk language is generally special in various kinds of line parsing. Such a replacement for the regular)
    wc -l - count the number of lines

    And if the command complicate and parse the output a little, then you can get more information: the sender and the subject of the letter.

    curl -u username:password --silent "" | tr -d '\n' | awk -F '' '{for (i=2; i<=NF; i++) {print $i}}' | perl -pe 's/^(.*)<\/title>.*<name>(.*)<\/name>.*$/$2 - $1/'</code></blockquote><br> <br> <code><a href=""></a>По материалам commandlinefu</code></div> </div> <dl class="post__tags"> <dt class="post__tags-label">Теги:</dt> <dd class="post__tags-list"> <ul class="inline-list inline-list_fav-tags js-post-tags"> <li class="inline-list__item inline-list__item_tag"><a href="/?q=bash">bash</a></li> <li class="inline-list__item inline-list__item_tag"><a href="/?q=linux bash scripts">linux bash scripts</a></li> <li class="inline-list__item inline-list__item_tag"><a href="/?q=gmail">gmail</a></li> </ul> </dd> </dl> </div> </div> </div> </main> </body> </html>

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