RubyMine 5.4 Ready for Rails 4

    We are pleased to announce that a new version of RubyMine , an integrated development environment for Ruby on Rails, is available for download .

    Despite the fact that only two months have passed since the release of RubyMine 5, we are ready to share new functionality and we hope that our users will be happy about new opportunities.

    First of all, we, like all developers of the Rails community, are looking forward to the final release of the 4th version of the framework. Therefore, we did our best so that RubyMine 5.4 supports Rails 4.

    The following features are also added to RubyMine 5.4:

    • step-by-step debugging of code directly on the device for RubyMotion applications has become available ;
    • Implemented support for dynamic abbreviations Emmet to speed up work with HTML and CSS;
    • CoffeeScript debugger can now be run on non-Rails applications using Node.js;
    • the REST Client plugin is built into the IDE ;
    • Nailgun support will allow more efficient work with JRuby.

    In addition, the dark appearance scheme of Darcula has been improved, support for remote interpreters and Ruby 2.0, etc. has been expanded. More information about RubyMine 5.4 is available on our website.

    RubyMine 5 is available for free upgrade to all users whose licenses were obtained after April 10, 2012.

    Program with pleasure!

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