Lagoa Cloud Platform for 3D Rendering

    Rendering interior and lighting using the Lagoa engine

    In 2010, Canadian developer Thiago Costa released the first version of the Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 rendering engine.

    Sample Video Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0

    The technology was so advanced that Autodesk bought a license to use the Lagoa Multiphysics plugin in its Softimage program.

    Thiago Costa did not stop there. Since then, he has registered a commercial company, hired a development team, developed a backend for 3D rendering, and a week ago launched the cloud web service . This is a system for remote 3D rendering directly "in the browser", where the resources of your computer are not used at all to calculate the most complicated scenes.

    After registering on the site, you get free five hours of 3D rendering per month and 1 GB of space to store your projects. On a free account you can’t block access to your projects, files are open to everyone. Restrictions are removed when you purchase an account for at least $ 35 per month.

    Even on a free account, users get the opportunity to jointly edit 3D scenes in real time. Apparently, this is the first service on the Internet with such functionality.

    Presentation of and introduction to basic functions (video)

    After registration, you can start a new project by uploading your AutoCAD or .OBJ files to the site, or by choosing one of the available templates.

    After that, the editor in the browser allows you to change objects and materials, add new lighting sources, etc. For the editor to work properly, Chrome or Firefox with WebGL support is required.

    Various objects generated using the Lagoa engine are shown in the screenshots below.

    More objects

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