Now smart search in Asana

    Smart Search has appeared in Asana, now it’s even easier to manage tasks.

    Who does not know what Asana is, then there is an old overview of this task management system . Since the publication of the previous article, there have not been many changes, and their significance was not great. But here a new search gives a huge number of new possible scenarios and all this in the spirit of the simplicity of the system.

    Now you can do a search on almost all available parameters. For example:
    • Search for all closed tasks during the last week
    • Search for all open tasks that have the word Offer in the title
    • Search for all open tasks created by the boss

    Search results can be sorted by Last Modified , Creation Date or Task Due Date . And those searches that you often need can be saved by marking them as Favorite .

    A list of all available search parameters can be seen here: The

    number of possible scenarios now rests even less on the capabilities of the system and depends mostly on your imagination.

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