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    Customers of online stores are enraged by lost packages and order forms with dozens of fields. When something infuriates the client, he leaves. Therefore, a good store owner is trying to make life easier for both the buyer and himself.

    The owners of five online stores told me how they use Tips to send packages without returns, simplify order forms and segment customers.

    1. Receive the indices for which the package will reach

    Timur Shakhov, creator of :
    Indexes are a useful thing for orders by Russian Post; many people write indexes incorrectly. It seems that a person has correctly filled in the address, you give this address to mail, mail accepts. But the difference is in some urban settlement (urban-type settlement) and the package went the wrong way. Or a person does not remember his index. Or he writes incorrectly. Dadata affixes an index and corrects the address - we are testing this opportunity with great pleasure.

    With Tips, the client indicates the address as a single line in free form. And the online store receives the address, divided into separate fields, supplemented by the missing parts and checked according to the directory of addresses. additionally asks Dadata if the letter will reach the indicated address. This feature is paid, and costs 5-10 cents per request.

    2. Simplify the order form

    Entry form in store :

    From two lines - “Name” and “Delivery address” using the Tooltips API, the store receives:
    • name, surname, patronymic, gender;
    • zip code, region / district, locality, street, house, geo-coordinates, time zone.

    In the database, the store can save individual fields - for subsequent analysis. And the client enters data faster - due to fewer fields. And it is less likely to leave the store entry form and go to the competitor.

    3. Determine the client's region for special offers and delivery conditions

    Using the geolocation service, determines the city ​​of the buyer and shows him the offers that are appropriate in geography, as well as the conditions of sale and delivery.

    4. Segment by gender

    There are many cool products on the market for customer segmentation. What parameters they just collect - geography, visitors and the amount of orders.

    But, according to Timur Shakhov (, the life of small online stores is still different:
    Always at all conferences everyone is smart - you need to segment your customers. You ask how to segment? They suggest conducting surveys, asking people to fill out a questionnaire in your account.

    Ask me - I, as a regular customer of the online store, in which segments I participated, which forms did I fill out? Yes, no. uses a simple thing for segmentation - the gender of the user given by Tips. Women helmet women offers cosmetics, men - men. And everything, further doubled everything grows [sales].

    5. Get the full name

    Denis Totjamin from 100Plants tells:
    People began to indicate not just a name, for example, “Elena,” but they completely write their surname, name and patronymic. The address also began to indicate in full.

    With Tips, people begin to indicate real names - instead of Test Testovich or Crocodile Genes. Unless, of course, you explained why you need the name of the client.


    Using Tips Online Store:
    • It will receive the address to which the package will arrive without errors.
    • Accurately calculates the amount and cost of delivery using a zip code or city.
    • Define gender by name and make a targeted offer. And the number of sales will double :) By the way, you can still use the city and region.
    • Sends an advertising SMS on time using the time zone.
    • Simplify the order form by reducing the number of fields ( thus increased the conversion by 15%).

    Tips are free up to 10,000 requests per day.
    Contact us with questions! We will be happy to help with the connection.

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