Comparison of voice assistants for declared functions and features (Lexi, Ubi, Ivee, Amazon Echo, Jibo, Cubic)

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    In this post comparative table shows the claimed technical and functional characteristics of devices with voice interface: Lex, Ubi, Ivee, Amazon Echo, Jibo, Cubic.

    The Robotalk project has also been added to the attached pdf file .

    What the devices look like:


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    DeviceLexiUbiIveeAmazon echoJiboCubic
    Tasks to be SolvedNatural communication on a given topic, reference information, smart device management, voice mail service management, alarm clock, reminders, newsAlarm clock, help information, reminders, nannyInstrument management, reference, newsTimer, alarm clock, shopping and to-do list, news, help information, music playback controlMessages, culinary consultant, fairy tales, selfies, backgroundNatural communication on a given topic, reference information, smart device management, voice mail service management, alarm clock, reminders, news
    MobilityNotNotNotNotRevolves around the platformNot
    Sensors Pressure, light and temperature sensors, touch sensors, cameraPressure, humidity, lighting and temperature sensorsTemperature and light sensorsNotTouch Sensors, CameraNot
    Body materialPlastic Coated Soft TouchPlasticPlasticPlasticAluminum, ABS plastic, glassPlastic
    Integration with social networks and email servicesYesYesNotNotYesYes
    Nature of communicationLiving creature, petSpirit, interaction with emptinessDesktop itemMusic columnLiving creature, petDesktop subject, personal assistant
    Determining the direction to the interlocutorYesNotNotYesYesNot
    Personalization of communicationIt can adapt to the habits of each user. If it is a family, it will be able to adapt to any family member, taking into account the personal characteristics of each.NotNotNotReacts to a person’s mood, and behaves accordingly. It can adapt to the habits of any person. It can adapt to any member of the family, for each will find its own approach.Not
    Separation of voices of several speakersYesNotNotNotYesNot
    Visual componentLED lightsLED lights4.3 inch blue backlit screenLED lightsFull HD LED displayLED lights
    3G moduleYesNotNotNotNotNot
    Power and BatteryFrom a wall outlet, stand for wireless power, battery in case of a power outageFrom the outletFrom a wall outlet, batteryFrom the outletFrom a wall outlet (charging cradle), battery (sold separately)From the outlet
    Activation phraseLexiUbyHello, IveeAlexaJiboCube
    Access to the device by name before each commandNotYesYesYesYesYes
    Internet connectionNot necessaryRequiredRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
    Voice recognitionLocal, on the device itselfIn the cloudIn the cloudIn the cloudIn the cloudIn the cloud
    User privacyNot brokenBrokenBrokenBrokenBrokenBroken
    Radio tunerNotNotYesNotNotNot
    Amount needed for normal operationOne, additional gadgets are used to communicate within the apartmentThere can be many Ubi in one apartment, they are synchronized with each other, work as one deviceTo every roomIn every place you need. There is a remote control for remote control.Nothing saidOne for one person
    For the whole family / staffYesNotNotYesYesPersonal device
    Understands arbitrary speechYesYesYesNotYesYes
    Recognizes the interlocutorYesNotNotNotYesNot
    Has emotionsYesNotNotNotYesYes
    Computer visionYesNotNotNotYesNot
    ControlVoice, assistive gadgets, mobile deviceVoiceVoiceVoice, mobile device, remoteVoiceVoice, mobile device
    Mobile appAndroid iOSAndroidAndroid iOSAndroid iOSAndroid iOSAndroid iOS
    Speech recognition technologySTEL-Watson from AT&T--Yandex, Google (in Western countries)
    Communicating Outside the House with a DeviceVia the mobile phone or watch application, as well as through Telegram MessengerNotNotNotNotThrough the mobile phone application. A headset with a company logo for the phone is bought separately.
    TongueRussian EnglishEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish Russian
    App storeLexystoreNotNotNotJibo storeYes
    PlatformLinuxAndroid4.1 JellyBean--Embedded linuxVois
    CPUAWP processor 7800 megahertz (ARM Cortex-A8)400MHz ARM9 processor-ARM processor1.5 GHz
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ModulesWi-Fi and BluetoothWi-Fi and BluetoothWifiWi-Fi and BluetoothWi-Fi and BluetoothWi-Fi and Bluetooth
    RAM2 GB1 GB128 Mb256 Mb-1 GB
    Built-in memory16 GB4 GB256 GB flash module4 GB-8 GB
    DimensionsSphere Diameter 13 cm100 x 100 x 30 mm-Cylinder shape with a diameter of 82 and a height of 232 mm150x150x280 mm110 x 110 x 110 mm
    The countryRussiaCanadaAmericaAmericaAmericaRussia
    CompanyLEXIUnified Computer Intelligence CorporationIveeAmazonBrizil GroupCubic Robotics (separated from Lexi early on)
    StageAccess to crowdfundingCrowdfundingSalesSalesCrowdfundingCrowdfunding
    Cost$ 400$ 300$ 200$ 200$ 500$ 250

    Table in pdf file .

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