The first Happy Farm full-cycle business incubator in Ukraine is conducting a second set of startups

    The first in Ukraine Happy Farm full-cycle business incubator announces a set of startups for the second cycle of its acceleration program. The competition can be attended by early-stage IT startups in the areas of Mobile, Cloud Computing, Games, Social Networking, SaaS, etc. You can submit an application on until May 10, 2013.

    1) A fantastic international Board of investors, including Igor Shoyfot (TMT Investments), Paul Asoyan (Google), John Nordmark (,, Brian Satyanathan ( Turner Media);
    2) More than 35 highly professional mentors of international level with tremendous entrepreneurial experience in various fields of business;
    3) A daily pivoting mentor program that takes into account the individual characteristics of a startup at each stage of its development;

    4) A unique platform based on the deep dive principle in a place free from traffic, traffic jams and city bustle: full immersion in the work on your project, all living and working conditions - workspace, accommodation, meals: S. Schastlivoe, 7 km from Kiev Borispol highway.
    5) “American Breakthrough”: a trip to the US for 1 month in order to expand contacts, attract partners and invest.
    6) “Live” money of 15 thousand dollars + 55 thousand dollars in the form of services (for one start-up team within the cycle).
    7) The first cycle of the program and 6 resident start-ups have already taken place: all 6 successfully completed the acceleration program in Ukraine, 5 made a global reboot in Silicon Valley, 2 got into the top 10 student startups according to Forbes Ukraine, 3 attracted representatives to the USA, 2 are at the stage of concluding agreements with investors.

    Also in the new season, in addition to the residency program (Class A), the Happy Farm incubator opens SIX ADDITIONAL CLASSES for those who are ready to develop and grow:
    Class B. Talented programmers, IT specialists ready for project work for large American companies, with the subsequent receipt of a share in company.
    Class C. Young teams, talented students of technical universities, ready to develop innovative projects and solutions for American companies.
    Class D. Special short mentoring programs for students with interesting ideas.
    Class E. Working businesses, both small and medium and large, who want to enter global markets, as well as develop their technical top managers.
    Class F. Talented students of technical universities, ready to develop together with students of Stanford and Berkeley in one team.
    Class G. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to work as representatives of American companies and develop their businesses in European markets.
    You can also apply for one of the classes on the Happy Farm website in the “Classes” section.
    Attention, attention: applications to Class A are accepted only if:
    1) Product video (English),
    2) Active profiles on social networks:, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

    You can get advice on filling out a startup profile on and shoot a video in the Happy Farm incubator every Friday, starting April 5, follow the announcements on the site.

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