Summer's soon

    It just so happened that the snow had not yet melted, and summer was coming soon. The previous sentence looks somewhat absurd, because until the summer another two months. But it should be noted that those who like to spend the summer traveling with new knowledge and communicating with interesting people are already starting to prepare. One of the ways that I know combining the two mentioned ways of spending time is to attend scientific schools. And the end of filing for many of them will come soon.

    The list of schools, including the time, deadline for applications, the venue and the availability of grants, is maintained in the group on VK and on the club’s Computer Science page.

    As a person who has attended eight schools in the last two and a half years, I dare to give some advice and comments.

    I'll start, perhaps, with advice. If you are going to apply for school for the first time and are in doubt whether to apply or not, the right answer is to apply! At one time, the main excuse for me was - it takes a lot of time. In fact, this is not the case for applying for most schools. And even if this is so, then all those documents that you will collect will be useful to you later. In fact, you will need to collect documents once to apply for not one school, but several, moreover, documents such as letters of recommendation, you will need if you are planning to enter a foreign graduate school or apply for some kind of grant.

    What gives participation in schools? In addition to the knowledge gained from experts in your field, you also get a lot of communication with people who work in your or related field. It should be noted that attending lectures at schools is significantly different from lectures at the university. A trip to school is more like a vacation than a job, but after such a vacation you still have useful knowledge and acquaintances. The main plus to attending schools is the atmosphere you find yourself in and the motivation you get from participating in the school. It is important to note that many schools provide financial support to participants by providing grants. It often happens that a grant covers all expenses of a participant’s stay, in which case the main thing is to get to the conference. In some cases, there are even road grants.

    Finally - the joyful faces of the participants of one of the schools:

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