RIT-2008: Blitz Presentation Program

    At RIT-2008, we are launching a new report format - the so-called blitz reports or lightning talks . In short, the blitz report is read for exactly 5 minutes in a series of 10-20 of the same reports without interruptions between them.

    Sessions of blitz reports over the years have always been very popular at the international conferences TPC, OSCON, YAPC, PyCon, as well as numerous barcamps and non-conferences. We are also pulling up.

    Habralyudi will be the first to know the RIT-2008 blitz-report program:

    1. Browser Persistence / Ilya Kantor
    2. FreeBSD - server Runet OS / Sergey Skvortsov
    3. WebHooks / Alexey Ostapenko
    4. OOP - sucks / Alexander Gorny
    5. Reputation and trust / Evgeny Kalinin
    6. Mind maps as a development tool / Alexey Sergeev
    7. Why are the use cases not a function? / Alexander Baykin
    8. Template :: Declare - template programming language / Ruslan Zakirov
    9. How to make a presentation an hour before the report? / Alexey Kapranov
    10. Protection against spam in social projects / Mikhail Monashev
    11. Perl and POE in the day-to-day maintenance of systems / Ivan Serezhkin
    12. PostgreSQL 8.4 / Oleg Bartunov
    13. Bucardo - multimaster replication for PostgreSQL? / Alexey Klyukin
    14. Collection of
    click through statistics (Javascript) / Alexey Golubchik 15. Geotagging: how it works / Konstantin Andryunin
    16. One-Face Cross-Domain Authorization Service / Alexander Sergeev

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